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most womens womens nipple's would get hard

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โˆ™ 2010-02-27 23:15:46
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Q: How can you tell if woman is horny?
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When woman is horny why her nipple get hard?

yes the get horny

Do woman get horny?


How can you tell if a guy is horny?

Boner. If his penis is hard, he's horny

Are Afrikaans women horny?

Think they are not more horny then other woman...really dumb question -.-

How can you tell if your girlfriend is horny?

When my girlfriend is horny - you can normally tell she normally demands sex wich is good for me :P

Is there a Shampoo for woman to make a man horny?

Any shampoo will work. Men are horny 24/7.

How can you tell when a male is horny?

when you can tell his penis is hard

Can you tell if a girl is horny?

Yes and no.

How do you increase sexual desire in women?

You have to get the woman in the mood. Get her feeling horny amd make her get wet. When she horny enough she will want you to be in her.

How can you tell when a boy is horny?

He is breathing. It is harder to tell after the age of 90.

How do you make you're girlfriend horny?

im a girl finding it hard to get horny so when u find the answer remember to tell me k?

How can you get a guy really horny?

Tell him you love him!

How can you tell if a woman had recent sexual activity?

Her heartbeat will be fast, her vagina will be wet, she will be sweating, she will want more and more, she will be horny and may dribble semen from vagina or in some case from ass

Does a woman's breasts become firm when horny?

Yes,they do and they become firm and more sphere.The shape become more prominent.hence that is due to horny you.

How do you make woman horny?

put horribles marks on your face

How do you tell if your teacher is horny?

Teacher-Student sex is inappropriate and illegal.

How do you get a woman horny?

Dirty Talk, Masturbating, Porn, Sex, And Cumming.

What makes a woman horny?

Flirting of course, kissing, touching, etc

Can you tell if a girl is horny for you?

She will take off her panties n give you some

How can you tell if a man is really horny?

His penis stands erect.

How do you tell if a 13 year old is horny?

duck him hardd:)

How do you tell if you are horny?

If your a guy your penis will get big and hard. "Erect"

How do you tell if you are a bi-curious women?

If u feel for a woman, and stare @ her u like looking at woman and get aroused by them, fantasize. If u look at other babes boobs or where their vagina is, and you get all horny, and you want to have lesbian sex, you're probably bi-curious.

How do you know if a woman is horny?

how do you know if a woman is h.o.r.n.y? you are having good/great s.e.x. Women only get into it when they are h.o.r.n.y. Otherwise it's treated like any other chore . (this answer is from a female, (formatting added to 2 words)

Do guys like it when woman play with thereself?

yes it gets us horny

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