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A ultrasound can and your doctor can tell if you're having a phantom pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests will be negative and there will be nothing to see on ultrasound.

I think I am experiencing a phantom pregnancy too. My period was over a week late but it was nothing but a couple days of brown bleeding. Now I have sore breasts, fatigue, food cravings, extra vaginal discharge, and major bloating but 3 negative urine tests. I think the abnormal period made me believe i was pregnant so therefor my body started to believe it and gave me symptoms with no baby in the oven. That's a phantom pregnancy.

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Q: How can you tell if you are having a phantom pregnancy?
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Your westie dog is having a phantom pregnancy?

She'll be fine.

You know someone who might be having a phantom pregnancy and feels lots of movement and being sick and you have felt the movements myself is this a phantom pregnancy?


Can a woman who is having a phantom pregnancy think she is feeling the baby kicking?


Why has our rabbit been making a nest for about a week now?

Well ... Its Either Pregnant Or Its Having A Phantom Pregnancy.

I know someone who might be having a phantom pregnancy and feels lots of movement and being sick and i have felt the movements myself is this a phantom pregnancy?

If it is a phantom pregnancy you should not be able to feel the movements too. Either your friend is pregnant or has IBS or another medical condition. Either way your friend should be examined by a doctor.

Can you still have positive pregnancy tests with phantom pregnancies?

yes because to have the phantom pregnancy your body secretes pregnancy hormones which is what pregnancy tests look for

If you have a phantom pregnancy will the pregnancy test be positive?

Yes. In a phantom pregnancy, the body is tricked into feeling like it is pregnant. Consequently the same hormones present in a real pregnancy will be present in the body of someone who is undergoing a phantom pregnancy, and these hormones are what a pregnancy test detects.

Can a dog have a phantom pregnancy?

Yes, dogs can have phantom or pseudopregnancies.

Can you have a phantom pregnancy while your tubes are tied and how would I know its not real?

A phantom pregnancy is caused by psychological problems, a woman is so convinced she is pregnant she develops all or most of the symptoms of a true pregnancy. In part the physical changes are caused by hormonal changes. The hormonal changes are not so easily understood. Women with phantom pregnancy are absolutely convinced that they are pregnant. Even a negative pregnancy test and a negative ultrasound scan are not sufficient to shake their belief.Phantom pregnancy is not at all common. True phantom pregnancy is thought to have a deep psychological basis, strong enough to bring about the hormonal changes which cause the display of the physical features such as absence of periods, breast engorgement and abdominal swelling which is merely gaseous distension of the bowel. A woman having a phantom pregnancy will even feel the nonexistent baby moving. A woman does not have to be fertile or even sexually active to suffer from a phantom pregnancy. Women having a phantom pregnancy need a knowledgeable psychotherapist, who is able to work with her and bring her back into reality gently, as the she would be extremely fragile, emotionally.

What are the causes of phantom pregnancy?

The exact causes of phantom pregnancy are actually still unknown. It is thought that it is simply the body tricking a person into thinking that they are pregnant.Either being desperate to be pregnant and being unable to get pregnant, or having had sex and being really guilty about it.

Can sheep have phantom pregnancy?


Can sheep have a phantom pregnancy?


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