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this isn't always reliable to every woman, but your temperature will dip- that means you are about to ovulate. about 24 hours later it wll shoot up- that means you have already ovulated. hth.

usually most women can tell by the clear discharge they suddenly get.

We aren't talking big temperature changes...sometimes a few tenths of a degree. I sure wouldn't depend on this indicator alone, but together with other physical changes make a reliable method.

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Q: How can you tell if you are ovulating by your temperature?
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How do you tell if iam ovulating?

How do I know when I am ovulating

What signs does your body show you to tell you that you are ovulating?

what signs does your body show you to tell you that you are ovulating

How many days after conception does your temperature begin to rise?

Your temperature lowers while you are ovulating or preparing to ovulate. Therefore once the egg is released your temperature will rise. If you do not conceive, it will fall again as you get your period and you prepare to ovulate. Therefore your daily temperature will not tell you if you have conceived, only that you have finished ovulating.

Can you tell when your ovulating?

get tested

What is the body temperature of a ovulating cow?

Normal temperature: 102 F

What if your wanting to know when you are ovulating?

I suggest you buy some ovulation sticks. You pee on them and they tell you when you are ovulating

Why does your body temperature drop?

Your temperature will drop if you feel cold, if you are ovulating and etc.

What is the best way to tell when I am ovulating?

The best way to tell when one is ovulating is to keep a calendar. Sometimes there is pain when ovulating, but other times there is not. By keeping a diary, one has a better chance to know the time of ovulation.

Can an ovulation test tell you when you are ovulating even if you are pregnant?

You stop ovulating when you become pregnant, so I would think not.

How can you tell when you are ovulating if you don't know how long your cycle is?

The pharmacy has ovulation tests that will tell you the best day to get pregnant. Clearblue easy also has a device found over the counter that will tell you when you are ovulating.

Are you ovulating the day after your period?

It's different for everyone. I suggest you buy some ovulation sticks. You pee on them and they tell you when you are ovulating

How can you tell when you're ovulating?

if your period is regular, it is usually around the 14th day. you can buy tests at the store - in the pregnancy test aisle - that tell you whether you are ovulating or not. alternatively, if you notice you are excreting more mucus than usual, that is a good indication that you are ovulating.

Woman's normal basal body temperature?

Before ovulating, 36,37 C +/- 0,2 After ovulating, 36,72 C +/- 0,2 Good luck! :)

How can I tell if I'm ovulating?

Buy an ovulation test kit.

If the temp of the vagina is hotter than it normally is does that mean your prego?

Not necessarily. It could mean that you are ovulating. When you are ovulating your vaginal temperature will be higher than normal.

How can you know your ovulating if your period is not regular?

You can't actually tell because it is IRREGULAR. However, signs that you are ovulating are the following: a. increase in body temperature b. change in the consistency of the cervical mucus c. lower abdominal discomfort For more info, please do check:

How can you tell if a girl is ovulating?

she is noramally grouchy and also why dont u ask her

Does every pregnant woman's basal body temperature go up or is this just one thing that can happen while pregnant?

It is standard. Your basal temperature initially lowers to indicate you are ovulating. A spike in temperature during the middle of your cycle indicates that you have finished ovulating. When you are pregnant, your temperature will stay high, rather than return to its cycle.

What are the signs that you have ovulated?

There are several ways you can tell when you are ovulating. 1. Keep track on the calendar. You usually ovulate halfway between your menstrual cycle. By keeping track of your cycles on the calendar, you can usually have a good estimate of when you are ovulating. 2. Many women will have some cramping when they are ovulating. This can be anything from a twinge of pain to major cramping. It will most likely be localized to the side on which you are ovulating. 3. Keep track of your basal body temperature. You can buy a basal thermometer at most any drug store. Keep track of your temperature every day. When you begin ovulating, your temperature will rise. 4. Keep an eye on any changes in vaginal mucus. When you are ovulating, the mucus will become thicker and sticky, like the consistency of an egg white. 5. Buy an ovulation predictor kit. Again, you can find these at most any drug store. They are very accurate and able to predict your ovulation about 12-24 hours in advance.

How does a woman know when she is ovulating?

She can get a crude idea by keeping track of which day in her period she's at. But bodies aren't clockwork, so this method isn't particularly reliable. She can also monitor her temperature closely. More work, but better accuracy. Or she can get a test, much like the OTC preg tests that will tell her when she's ovulating.

How many days after your period do you ovulate?

AnswerIf you have a regular 28-day cycle, you should ovulate about 14 days after the first day of your period. You can tell when you are ovulating by buying some "sticks" at the pharmacy or supermarket. Basically, you urinate on them and they tell you when you are ovulating.

What does BMT mean when trying to get pregnant?

It's used when you take the temperature to find out when you are ovulating and means Basal Metabolic Temperature aka Basal Body Temperature (BBT).

How does a woman know that she is ovulating?

There are many ways on how a woman would know that she is ovulating. First, she can calculate her basal body temperature, if she had an increase of 1 degree in her body temperature, this is a sign that she is ovulating on that day. Second, check the cervical mucus if it has a consistency similar of a raw egg white. It should be slippery and clear, when a woman is ovulating. Third, if a woman is having a regular period, she can check an ovulation calculator so she would know when is her most fertile days. Fourth, buy an ovulation kit. This is one of the most accurate ways to determine if a woman is ovulating.

What is the best time for concive to get my wife pregnant?

have her take an ovulating test you can get them at any place that sells pregnancy test and the test will tell you if she is ovulating or not and when she is, is the best time to try and conceive

How do you find out when your ovulating?

One way to know that you are ovulating is by examining your cervical mucus. The closer you are to ovulating, your cervical mucus will change from creamy look and texture to a transparent and sticky one. Another way to know your ovulation is to chart your basal body temperature. if you're ovulating, your body heat level will increase because the level of progesterone in your body rises.