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How can you tell if you have fleas in your house?


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August 29, 2007 8:32PM

Generally fleas will bite people on the ankles or if your children are playing on the floor they may have tiny, pink, itchy bumps that go away fairly soon. These are flea bites. Fleas love to hide in the corners of rooms, so when you vacuum (should do this every single day) use the proper wand and go to every single corner of the room, under the cushions of your sofas too. I will generally put a flea collar in the vacuum bag. I only do this if the fleas are out of control. If all else fails then you'll have to get an environmentally safe exterminator in (I had to do that 8 years ago.) This year the fleas in British Columbia seem to be at an all time low since we've had rather cool and wet summer. You can also get 'Program' from your vet to put on your dog and cat. It's a small capsule and goes by the weight of your pet. Just snip of the end of the capsule (has a small point on it) and with your thumb (between the pets shoulder blades) put the contents onto the skin. You don't need to rub it in. It works very well and there seems to be no ill side effects to your dog or cat. Dogs that scratch all the time don't necessarily have fleas. Sometimes the warm weather, or even winter months of being in a heated house can cause their skin to itch. When you bath them use Oatmeal Shampoo and then rinse off. Sometime I found out from my vet recently, is that there is no such thing as a 'season' for fleas and they have become 'super fleas' and can go on through the whole year. I was stunned to learn this and thought only the warm summer days of summer created the problem.