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if you are like living by yourself and if you find things that have been moved, then it is probably you. if it isn't, then there must be someone coming into your house(that is if you don't lock your door). But otherwise, it is you. But let's say you are staying with a friend, family member, boyfriend, or you are married, and you find things in disorder, then it might be you or whoever you are staying with. It also depends on if sleepwalking is a gene in your family. So there you got it.

Looking for moved furniture or opened food packaging is a good first indicator, but if you're not sure and you want to verify whether you're leaving your room at night, stick a piece of tape across the crack of your door on the side that opens. If the tape is broken or one end of it is unstuck in the morning, you'll know you opened the door in your sleep.

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Q: How can you tell if you sleepwalk?
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