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How can you tell if your 1889 dollar is a gold or silver Morgan?


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Simple, no Morgan dollars (1878-1904 & 1921) were ever struck in gold.

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Morgan dollars are silver, not gold.

The last year for a gold US one dollar coin was 1889. If you have an 1896 Morgan silver dollar that has toned a gold hue, it needs to be seen for a accurate assessment. Take it to a coin dealer.

Both gold & silver one dollar coins were struck in 1889. Post new question as to type.

Gold plating a coin destroys its numismatic value. This Morgan dollar has a value based on the worth of silver it contains and that of the bit of gold used to plate it .

The US made two kinds of dollar coins in 1889. The most common one is the famous "Morgan" silver dollar, named for its designer George T. Morgan. The other type is a $1 gold coin, but these aren't found nearly as often as their silver counterparts.Morgan dollars are large (38.1 mm) and have a picture of Miss Liberty on the front and a spread-winged eagle on the back. Gold dollars are tiny, smaller than a dime, and have a Native American princess on the front and a wreath on the back. Be careful - a lot of Morgan dollars were privately gold-plated for use in jewelry, etc. but all of them are silver underneath.Please see the related questions depending on which coin you have.4-9-11>> Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, the 1889 Morgan dollar is a very common coin with retail values of $32.00-$39.00 depending on the grade of the coin.

There's no such thing as a gold silver dollar. Dollar coins were made of gold (1854-1889) or silver (1794-1935) but the 2 metals were never mixed. Most likely you have a silver dollar coin that was plated. Unfortunately being plated reduces its value to that of the raw metal in it, about $10 as of 06/2009.

== == There is NO gold in a Morgan dollar. They are all large coins, 38.1 mm in diameter, and made of 90% silver and 10% copper as were all silver coins up till 1964. If the coin you have in question is truly an 1890 gold dollar it will be smaller than a dime and the specie weight value will be around $50.00. The coin must be seen to be properly appraised. As noted above the Morgan Dollar is a Silver Coin and not a gold piece.

The Morgan Dollar is not gold. Since this is the most common date of all the Morgan Dollars, unless it is uncirculated it is worth only a little more than the value of the silver it contains (currently about $12). If it has been gold plated, a collector will only pay the silver value. try this site its useful

If the coin is a real Morgan or Peace dollar. The value is just for the silver, about $20.00.

If you mean a one dollar gold coin dated from 1849 to 1889 it is 90% gold and 10% copper. No other US one dollar coins after 1889 contain any gold.

The U.S. stopped making gold $1 coins in 1889. If you have a large Morgan dollar that appears to be gold, it's actually a silver dollar that is either discolored or plated. If it's plated it'll only be worth its silver melt value, around $8 to $10. BTW, the "lady" on old U.S. coins is Miss Liberty!!!

As of 24 April 2013, it's worth about $18 for the silver. Gold-plating alters the coin, which destroys any collector value.

Some silver coins do tone to a gold color. This is a chemical reaction to the environment the coin has been exposed to.

Assuming you mean a Morgan silver dollar and not a gold one dollar coin, if the coin is circulated and has no mintmarks, retail value is $26.00-$32.00 depending on how much wear the coin has. The 1883 Morgan is a common date.

Any plated coins are only worth their melt value. Fortunately, as of early 2010 that comes to about $14 retail, or about $10 wholesale, for a 1921 Morgan dollar.

Gold-plated, not gold. No US one dollar gold coins dated 1921 were ever struck. The Morgan design was used on silverdollars, so the good news is that the underlying silver coin is worth about $12 as of 04/2010. The bad news is that without the plating it would be worth about $17-20 to a collector.

No, the last 1 dollar gold coin was made in 1889.

The small 13mm to 15mm diameter US gold $1 coins made from 1849-1889 are not gold plated. They are 90% gold & 10% silver.

No Morgan dollars were struck in gold, it's been plated.

Sorry no US one dollar GOLD coins dated 1891, last year was 1889 That answer is not entirely correct. In 1891 silver dollars where minted. (Morgan Dollar) The coins weighs 26.73g and contains 90% silver. That means it contains 24.057 grams of silver. An ounce (about 31grams) is worth 21.80$ right now. So your coin is worth 16.91$. A coin collector might pay more. A gold buyer like will pay between 70 and 90%. The question is about GOLD coins.

No silver or gold 1 dollar coins were struck in 1933

For U.S. coins dated 1907, there were the following designs: Cent: Indian head Nickel: Liberty or "V" Dime, quarter, half dollar: Barber Dollar: none (gold dollars were discontinued in 1889, and Morgan silver dollars were on hiatus after 1904) $2 1/2, $5, $10, $20 gold pieces: Liberty/Coronet

The US did not make a gold dollar in 1894. They stopped production of the gold $1 coin in 1889.

It's NOT gold and just a dollar. The last year the US made a one dollar gold coin was 1889.

No! The last gold US one dollar coin was made in 1889.

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