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Have it examined by a competent gunsmith

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Enders Royal Service shotgun will parts from a crescent shotgun fit?

Some Enders Royal Service shotguns are Crescent Model 60's marked with Shapleigh Hardware's trade name, but some were made by other manufacturers.

What is the age of an Enders Royal Service shotgun?

Enders Royal Service shotguns were distributed by HD Folsom to the hardware trade from c.1890-1920. They were imported from Belgium (will have proofmarks) and made domestically by at least two different manufacturers.

Where can you find parts for enders royal service dbl barrel shotgun number 173649?

try www.e-gunparts.com or www.gunbroker.com you may have some luck there.

What would be the name of a late 1800 double barrel shotgun with hammers. Royal something?

Possibly Enders Royal Service? Blue, Hound, Whistler are a few others

Enders Royal Service double barrel shot gun Number 374411 What is the value and age of this gun?

Enders Special Service & Enders Royal Service along with Enders Oakleaf were made by Crescent Fire Arms Co. for Shapleigh Hardware Co. of St Louis, MO in the early 1900's. It is not a rare gun nor expensive. Perhaps $200 if in good condition.

What is the value of an Enders Royal Service shotgun?

Depending on the condition of the firearm. It could fetch as much as one hundred seventy five dollars in great shape, or as little as fifty dollars in poor condition.

Is the Enders Special Service gun safe to shoot?

probably but to be safe have it checked out by a gunsmith..............

How old would a Enders Royal double 12 gague shotgun with the serial 32813 be?

all you have to do is look up the answer on goggle and get the answer right away

What year was a enders royal service double barrel 12 gauge shotgun made with K R Winchell engraved under but plate?

Enders Royal Service shotguns were made by Cresent Fire Arms Co. for Shapleigh Hwr. Co. of St. Louis. Cresent Fire Arms was in business , I believe, fron the 1890's until the mid 1930's. All the records for this Co. have long since been either lost or destroyed. No idea what the K R Winchell stands for.

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Do you have information on enders special service shot guns?

Trade name. Made by Crescent. 50-100 USD value.

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