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well you'll probbaly feel it or swallow it so you'd feel it

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Q: How can you tell if your loose tooth is a baby tooth or an adult tooth?
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How do you tell if a tooth is an adult tooth or baby tooth when it is in your mouth?

YOU can tell because of the roots & the adult teeth are bigger then the baby teeth.If u can recall to lose that tooth it is not a baby tooth

How do you tell a baby tooth from an adult tooth?

ask your dentistlook underneath the loose tooth if you see a white bump then it is baby tooth if loose enoughyou might might see a little bump underneath the loose toothlook at the signs of the other loose tooth like if it turns pink or see roots like that

How can you tell if your lost tooth is a baby or permanent tooth?

have you lost that tooth before? if you have then that was an adult tooth. also, baby teeth look like rice a little and permanent teeth are more square than rectangular

What if your adult tooth becomes loose?

I think you should really tell your dentist because there could be something really bad with that tooth if it became loose by itself. If you lose your adult teeth theres no way to get that back!you probably werent taking good care of it. no you will have to get a fake tooth. it sucks to be you!

How can you tell if a tooth is loose?

By pulling it out.

How can you tell if a tooth is an adult one?

it wont fall out

How do you tell if your tooth is an adult?

it's big you can notice it is big

What will stop bleeding after losing a baby tooth?

The bleeding should stop after a few hours (Or less) if it doesn't tell a responsible adult and ask them what you should do.

How can you tell the difference between a permanent tooth and a baby tooth?

the size gives it away

Sore gum and a wobbly tooth will the dentist give you a needle if you go?

If you are losing your baby teeth the dentist might just tell you to keep wiggling the loose tooth for it to come out completely. Your gum is sore because it is the only thing holding that tooth in. If it is a permanent tooth that is loose, it may need to be extracted or gum disease. In that case, yes a needle may be given.

How can you tell the difference between an adult tooth and a milk tooth?

Because i think milk teeth are whiter, And sometimes they have ridges when they come in.

How does a 20-year-old tell her parents she is pregnant?

You are an adult - and adults make adult decisions. Where is the father of your baby? Tell him he needs to step up and be an adult too. Then, tell your parents what your "adult" solution is.

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