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How can you tell the difference between a miscarriage and a period?


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2009-05-10 02:35:32
2009-05-10 02:35:32

A lot of women track their flow and if you are pregnant and you experience abnormal amount of blood, blood clots big or small, painful cramps it's a good chance that you are having a miscarriage. First off you need to know if you are pregnant or not, if you are and you are having any of those miscarriage symptoms I named off please see your doctor immediately and if necessary go to the emergency room. If you know you are not pregnant and use birth control and experience some heavier than usual blood flow, know it could be a diet change, stress, and much more. I recommend taking some vitamin C pills daily because not only does it help keep the cold away but it can also reduce heavy menstrual bleeding.


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Well, the difference is in the amount of pain you experience. Miscarriage hurts more according to all the experts in this field. Hope this helps

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How can you tell the difference between an early period and implantation bleeding?

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You will start seeing tissue which is different from your blood clots, maybe even a sac or if ruptured the actual baby. You will KNOW.

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You can tell your having a Miscarriage by spotting/bleeding. i had a a miscarriage on the 24 of Sept and it started out by just spotting than when i went to the hospital it got worse!! BUT in some pregnancies people spot so if you spot just go to the doctor to check it out! Some people dont even know they had a miscarriage if it happend early, like it could have happened the time your period was saposed to come! you coulda mistaked it as a period!

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Yes, you can take a urine test while on your period. Doctors can tell the difference between period blood and other blood, but just to be sure, tell the doctor before hand that you have your period so they know that nothing is wrong.

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