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How can you tell the difference between normal bleeding and a miscarriage?


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normal bleeding will be the same as a normal period if a women misscarried she minght encounter servre stomache aches and pains low abdominal pains and a very much more heavier bleed may be slightly darker in color and alot heavier


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No it is not,most of time bleeding around that time, heavy bleeding is due to miscarriage. Spotting is normal, bleeding is a sign of miscarriage.

Internal bleeding is when you bleed on the inside as where normal bleeding is where you bleed on the outside

No it is not. See you doctor to find out what is wrong.

Not really. If you are bleeding, you should see a doctor. It could be nothing and it could be serious. Most likely with a miscarriage you will have pain in your stomach and the blood will be chunky, but not always. I'd see a doctor if I were bleeding any amount at all, with or without pain.

Yes you can have a miscarriage at any point in pregnancy and not bleed or have any normal signs of miscarriage

It can be a sign of a miscarriage or it can just be "normal" bleeding. If you are bleeding, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. With a miscarriage the bleeding is usually "chunky" and you have cramps, but not always. It could be a sign of miscarriage if its heavy bleeding like a period i had a miscarriage 2 months ago and mine started out with mild cramps then i started to sopt brown and then i was bleeding like a normal period and a few hours later the cramps got really bad talk to your doctor about this. Dont worry to much over it some women do spot when they are pregnant. Good Luck!

Bleeding during pregnancy is not normal. Any bleeding can indicate a threatened miscarriage. See your doctor.

Yes, this is very normal after having a miscarriage. It can take several months for your body to get back to normal.

Cramping is totally normal aslong as there is no bleeding. Cramping is totally normal aslong as there is no bleeding.

No. Go and see a doctor. You are probably having a miscarriage.

No, it is not and could be a miscarriage. You need to go to hospital immediately

No it isn't normal to continue bleeding two months after a miscarriage. Do a pregnancy test to find out if your still pregnant. HCG will be gone from your urine now and the test will be negative if your not pregnant. Also contact your doctor about the bleeding. You may have part of the fetus left inside of you which is causing the bleeding.

It was due to a miscarriage - it was the beginning of one anyways.

I last one whole week and doctor told me is normal...

For some people it can be normal. It shouldn't be heavy with blood clots in it. That would be a miscarriage.

I would wait for a normal period to come after miscarriage bleeding you can add 14 days to the first day of the period this is the time most women ovulate.

If the bleeding wasn't heavy this should be normal, but anytime you bleed you should let your doctor know right away.

Its unlikely to be a miscarriage as the embryo wouldn't of completely implanted itself in your uterus so technically you wouldn't be pregnant till this happens. Its most likely irregular bleeding or break through bleeding.

If you are experiencing blood clots while pregnant, you should contact your doctor immediately. You could be having a miscarriage. I passed a clot when I was pregnant and I had a miscarriage. Some light bleeding may be normal, but clotting sounds more serious.

Vaginal bleeding originates closer to the entrance, and is not normal. Also, it may produce more blood and bleeds longer if not cleaned. Consult a doctor if vaginal bleeding occurs.

Anything is possible. You need to see your doctor if you have any bleeding during pregnancy.

While light bleeding can be a normal symptom in pregnancy, it isn't if combined with cramping. The two together could indicate a threatened miscarriage. Sometimes it may settle, but it may increase if a miscarriage is unavoidable. Get it checked with a doctor.

Something as simple as a sneeze can cause you to miscarriage. Generally, however, you don't know that you're one week along and can miscarry without knowing that you were pregnant. This miscarriage type of miscarriage can result in some heavier-than-normal bleeding and such.

Yes she can be pregnant, and if she is pregnant and is bleeding she is at risk of a miscarriage, and should see a doctor immediately.

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