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The easiest method is to gently lift the tail up and count the openings - a male has one opening (the anus) and a female has two openings (the anus and the vulva).

You can also look to see which puppies have a penis running along the belly, but this is more difficult since newborn puppies all have a navel (from where the puppy attached to the placenta) that mimics the penis.

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Q: How can you tell the sex of a newborn puppy?
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When can you tell the sex of a newborn puppy?

Directly at birth, usually. If not, a day or two later.

How can you tell the sex of a newborn baby?

by looking at its genitals

How can you tell if a newborn puppy is having breathing problems?

If it looks like its gonna die.

How much does a newborn puppy cost?

You CAN NOT buy a newborn puppy. You have to wait for it to grow and get away from its mother. If you want a newborn puppy you can put a deposit of some sort on it, but can not have it. They are too young to handle.

What if your newborn puppy wont go to the bathroom?

If your newborn puppy doesn't go, it doesn't gotta go.

How early can you tell the gender of a newborn puppy?

Usually right away, if not in the first few days or so.

How long before a newborn puppy starts to nurse from mom?

A newborn puppy should start nursing from the mother within an hour of birth.

Can a new born puppy eat puppy chow?

a newborn puppy does not have teeth they need milk from their mommy

How do you take care of a newborn puppy?

Feed it

What is a newborn Dog called?

A pup or a puppy.

What is the birth of a newborn dog called?

a puppy

What do you call a newborn pup?

it is called a puppy

What is a newborn chihuahua called?

A chihuahua puppy

What to do when newborn puppy die?

u bury it

What is a newborn husky called?

it is called a puppy

How early can you bathe a newborn puppy?

a puppy should have a bath approximately 8 weeks of age with puppyshampoo

Can give your newborn puppy milk?

Yes, it is okay to feed pasteurized milk to your puppy.

How do you tell the sex of newborn rabbits?

Well you can't because they're really to small to tell. You have to wait at least 6 to 8 months to actually tell.

What do when a newborn puppy dies at home?

it dies it dies...

What is the weight of a newborn Boxer puppy?

I believe they are about 1lb

How much does a newborn puppy weigh?

7 ounces

What do you do if a newborn puppy is dead?

Buy another one

How do you tell if newborn puppies a girl or boy?

To be able to tell the difference between a girl or boy puppy look at the genitals. A male dog will have a penis and a female dog will have a vagina.

What is a newborn puppy called?

The word is whelp. Puppy is also appropriate, but less formal than whelp.

How long does a newborn puppy to open its eyes?

6 weeks

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