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that's a good question,but you also got to wonder if you have to have experience with being in love to know whether someone is or isn't in love with someone?To tell you the truth i have never been in love but i can always tell when my guy isn't feelin it or about to break up with me.They start to back away they begin to come up w/excuses why the cant see you they stop telling they love you and they lie.You begin irritating them easier and he doesnt talk to you like he use too.remember how you used to make him laugh well not anymore.this may not be true he could just be going through somthing that he doesnt want to drag you through because he loves you

AnswerYou can tell cuz they pull away and they don't put up with you as much as when they were actually in love. Also when they start cancelling things that u 2 have planned and they don't talk as much either to u. When you find out that he dosent just have fun and be wild. LOL

Good luck,gail:>

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Q: How can you tell when a man is not in love with you?
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