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For info on this, visit the related link 'How to keep a red eared slider turtle happy'.

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a girl red eared slider has small claws. a boy has big sharp claws.

Male Red Eared Slider have longer claws.And female have shorter claws.Thats all i know about how to tell if their either female or male. Also, if the turtle has a flat or sticking out stomach, that means it's a female. If the stomach has an indent in the stomach then it's a male.

For Red Eared Turtles a female has short nails and a male as long sharp nails.

Masculine turtles usually:* have (slightly) concave plastron * have a bigger tail

It depends if its a red eared slider or a paint turtle or a snapping turtle (witch i doubt you have) im just gonna tell you all of the ones i listed red eared slider if its the first time first time 2 to 20 for a paint turtle 2 to 20 eggs and a snapping turtle 1 to ten so i hoped i helped

The Males Claws Are Larger Then The Females except on babies u cant tell until they have a second birthday

Masculine turtles usually:* have (slightly) concave plastron * have a bigger tail

to see if a red eared slider is a boy or girl, look at the claws and tail. if they r long it is a girl. if they r short it is a boy. I know because I have two of them

Use a thermometer ! You, as a keeper, should know the temperature ranges suitable for a RES.

if there is a indent in youer turtle it is a male ok ikf it is flat it is a girl ok

Depends on how big it is!red eared sliders can get very big.

flat bottom shell female, indented bottom shell male, he has to be able to stay mounted

Pick it up and if it moves it is alive.Lessthanthree_ Turtles :Other Way to Tell If Your Red Eared Slider has passed away :if you're turtle is floating ( not swimming ) and doesn't start to move even if you shake the water that means it has passed away.

Yellow-bellied sliders have a completely yellow plastron (bottom shell) but a red-eared slider will have ring-like markings on their plastron.

If he has long nails he's a boy . If you look underneath his shell (the bottom part) and the black spots at the bottom of it is close together it is a boy. You cannot tell if your turtle is a boy or a girl until it's 10 cm long.

Watch your red eared slider while they are feeding. Notice the way that their eyes focus on their food to the point where they are nearly cross-eyed? That is a signal when they are about to bite something. So when their eyes focus, that is when they are about to 'attack'.

u cant but u can get an idea of the age by looking at its size 0-3inches is a baby 3-6inches is a juvenille and 6-12inches is an adult.

well usually the red on their ears turners pink

I had a sick baby red ear slider he was nerly dead, what you need to do it make sure you have a heater at least 75 temp, a cold turtle does not eat that was making my turtle sick you also need heat light uv light and land for the turtle your local pet store will tell you about the lights you need I have two turtles a baby turtle needs good water temp good luck hope your turtle gets better

ive heard it depends on how long their claws are? does that include for baby slider turtles as well?

it has a long thing appending out of its genital area!

If the front claws are longer than the back claws then it is a boy, if not - a girl

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