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The best option would be a physiotherapist. They will be able to massage the knots out - but even an inexpert massage will help. To massage it out, locate the knot on your back. It will be a small ball about the size of your thumb. Circle the knot firmly - it should be slightly painful to the person. Work each knot for a minute, then move on. Do each knot over twice. Swimming is also good exercise for the condition as it "works" these muscles. Also try heat pads to lessen tightness in the muscles. And a cream like Voltaren will reduce swelling. It should take about a week to make a noticible difference if the knots are bad and about 4 weeks to completely disappear. To stop the knots reoccurring or getting worse, examine your lifestyle for the cause of the knots. Is it the position you sleep in? Is it stress? Is it the way you sit at work?

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Q: How can you treat really bad knots on the upper back?
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There are many ways that you can get knots in your back. You could for example just be too tense.

Can you get knots on your head?

No, you can get welts in your head. Knots usually are in the shoulder or back

What are Knots in the back of the arm?

There are many things that cause knots on the back of the arm. These conditions range from a contusion, cyst, or swollen lymph nodes.

What are Knots in the back of your arm?

Knots in the back of the arm can be caused by a number of conditions such as inflammation or infection. To get rid of these, swing the arms back and forth, as well as do some shoulder circles.

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What are knots in your back?

Knots are muscles that are spasmed or contracted relative to the muscle around them. They tend to be localized and can cause pain and stiffness.

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What is the largest muscle of the upper back?

Latissimus dorsi - this is the largest back muscle that runs from the lower back to the upper arm bone. It pulls the upper arm towards the body and acts as an internal rotator of the upper arm.

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What are knots in shoulder back neck?

they're little bits of muscle that release an adhesive molecule so that the bits of muscle stick together and form "knots". usually from bad posture/overuse/that kind of thing. the muscle i think you're talking about is the upper trapezius. it's nothing to worry about, but massages are great for it, albeit a little painful at the time.

What is the cause of prolonged tingling sensation and numbness in your upper left shoulder?

Sounds like an inflamed nerve in your upper back... A branch of the long thoracic nerve located is at the upper (& inner) edge of your shoulder blade (scapula). Have someone press in that area and see if it reproduces the symptoms. Id so, a lidocaine/steroid injection can solve the problem... An orthopedic doctor or neurologist can treat this (or a really good Family Practice doc)...

Is lidodern used for upper back pain?

Yes, lidoderm can be used for upper back pain.

Achy breast and upper back pain?

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What are knots on the back of the right side of head?

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Why do you have knots in your back?

Knots are areas of muscle that are in contraction or spasm. You can get them from overworking a muscle in your back. You can also get them from overstretching a muscle. This is probably the most common cause since so many of us have failing posture and this causes back muscles to be stretched too much. Muscles also need sufficient minerals and water to function well and not create knots.

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