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You can do this by taking a 9 volt baterry put wire on both outlets. Attatch a nail to each wire and stick into salt water. Nail that has more bubbles is hydrogen. The other nail is oxygen

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How do you turn hydrogen into water?

By reacting it with oxygen; both the hydrogen and the oxygen are converted into water.

How can you turn hydrogen into water and oxygen?

You cannot. You can, however, turn water into hydrogen and oxygen by passing an electric current through it.

How to change water chemically?

Electrolysis will turn water into hydrogen and oxygen gas.

Compare and contrast the relationships of oxygen hydrogen water to fire?

- Oxygen support combustion; combustion is a reaction with oxygen, an oxydation.- Hydrogen is burned with oxygen.- Water can turn off some fires.

What proves water is H2O?

hydrogen combined with oxygen turn water.. this is chemistry theory that proves

How do you turn water into Hydrogen and oxygen?

You pass an electric current through it (electrolysis)

When you run an electrical current through liquid water the water molecules are split apart to form oxygen and hydrogen gas?

Yes, you can turn water into oxygen and hydrogen gas with electricity; this process is called electrolysis.

Why hydrogen turn water milky?

Hydrogen doesn't turn water milky.

Does a fish turn water into oxygen?

No, not at all. Most fish extract the oxygen that is dissolved in the water, not the oxygen that is bound to hydrogen in the formation of water. This is one reason that most aquariums have an aerator bubbling away - it is adding oxygen to be dissolved by the water.

What is chemical equation to turn water to fuel?

Electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen gases at different electrodes. 2H2O(l) --> 2H2(g) + O2(g) Hydrogen is collected at the cathode (-pole). Oxygen is collected at the anode (+pole).

What makes water polar?

Water is naturally polar due to the bonding of positive hydrogen and negative oxygen. In turn, it can bond with almost anything.

What is the availability of water for neptune?

It is thought to be present in the mantle but not in the form with which we are familiar. It is thought that the mantle may consist of ionic water comprising atoms of hydrogen and oxygen ions. At greater depth, this may turn to superionic water in which the oxygen crystallises out and the hydrogen ions wander in between the lattice structure of the oxygen crystals.

Why does a penny turn green in water?

The copper reacts with the oxygen in water to form copper oxide and hydrogen ions. This is copper oxide is a green compound.

Does water turn into hydrogrn peroxIde after a while?

No, Hydrogen Peroxide will eventually turn into water because it will break down from H2O2 into H2O but water will not turn into hydrogen peroxide....

How do we turn hydrogen into energy we can use?

Hydrogen can be burnt with oxygen and the formation of the chemical bonds between the atoms releases energy as heat. Free hydrogen is normally manufactured by electrolysis from water, and this requires energy to separate the hydrogen-oxygen bonds, and it is this energy that is released when the chemical bonds are re-formed by combustion.

Does water turn into carbon dioxide when boiled?

No, that's impossible. Water becomes steam when it boils, and that's just water in the gas phase. Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. There are no carbon atoms there to form carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide contains no hydrogen.

Is sandy water a solution or a mixture?

Sandy water is a mixture because a solution cannot be changed for example Oxygen and Hydrogen makes hydroxide and that cannot be changed but sandy water can turn back because if you leave the wet sand to dry the water will evaporate leaving the sand on it's own. With water having evaporated you can turn the temperature up and the Hydrogen gas (the water's gas) will slowly turn back to it's original liquid hydrogen (water) form. Therefor it can be changed and it is a mixture.

Why does a candle turn off if you cover it?

Fire is a chemical reaction; it uses oxygen to turn one substance into another. If you cover it, it can't get any oxygen from the air, and so the chemical reaction stops and the fire goes out. I borrowed the following equation from another online Q&A as an illustration. When propane (carbon and hydrogen) burns, it combines with oxygen to make carbon dioxide (carbon and oxygen) and water (hydrogen and oxygen). C3H8 + 5O2 --> 3CO2 + 4H20

Is separating water into hydrogen and oxygen a chemical or physical change?

It is a reversible chemical change. Hydrogen and oxygen can be easily reacted to produce water - and if you're REALLY good at trapping the H2 and O2 molecules that form when you separate the water, you can produce as much water as you started with. There are a few other reactions that are reversible - NaOH + HCl comes to mind, but please don't do it. Most reactions are irreversible; if you react rennet with milk to produce cheese curds, you can't turn the curds back into milk and rennet.

What does water turn into when it boils?

Hydrogen ions and hydronium ions

How you can use electrolysis of water as a fuel?

By building a hydrogen fuel cell which exites the water molecules to a point that they separate from each other water is defined as two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen in other terms as h2o when these molecules are separated they turn into there original gas form and are combustible YouTube search hydrogen fuel cell if still interested.

Where do the starting materials turn into sugar and oxygen?

Carbon Dioxide and water (the starting materials) turn into sugar and oxygen in the chloroplast.

How can water be converted into its original elements?

One way to convert water into its constituent elements is by electrolysis. Electrolysis is done by putting a positive and a negative electrode into the water and passing a direct current through the water. The hydrogen and oxygen will turn into their elemental gasses.

Can an engine run on water?

Yes, sort of as I see two solutions: 1. If the water was ice and you ran a looped memory wire that changed shape as the temperature changed. the loop would turn say a pulley that paddled a toy boat (I did this experiment in High School). 2. Cold Fusion (if we ever perfect this) you separate the water into oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen you can breath and the hydrogen you burn in an engine.

How does a fuel cell car works?

it uses electricity to turn water into pure oxygen and hydrogen then uses those gasses to produce electricityand it does this using a reversible Proton Exchange Membrane

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