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To get Rock Lee you must beat story mode two times with out getting defeted one time.

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Q: How can you unlock Rock Lee in Naruto clash of ninja?
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How do you unlock tenten on Naruto clash of ninja revolution?

first you have to play as rock lee on single player and on the tenth battle of it you wont fight her but you will still unlock her after beating all ten battles

Which characters in Naruto Clash of Ninja 4 are playable from the start of the game?

sauske,naruto,sakura,and,rock lee

Are there any cheats for Naruto clash of ninja revolution 3?

No, I don't think so. If there was it would rock tho

How can you get fire Naruto on Naruto clash of ninja 1 for GameCube?

"fire naruto" is called Kyuubi Naruto and to unlock him do the following: * Unlock Rock Lee by completing story mode and defeat him * Complete the game twice with every character in 1-player mode. To play as Kyuubi Naruto after unlocking him press X or Z during the character selection mode when the cursor is over Naruto.

How do you open all 8 gates with Lee in Naruto Clash of ninja 2?

how to open all 8gate with rock lee

How many people are on Naruto clash of ninja 1?

there are eleven characters on the game. there are naruto, demon naruto, sasuke, sakura, kakashi, kakashi with sharingan, rock lee, iruka, mizuki, haku, and zabuza.

Do you unlock anyone after Rock Lee in Naruto clash of ninja?

Yes, Kyuubi Naruto and Sharingan Kakashi can be unlocked. I heard Asuma can be unlocked but I am not sure Kyuubi Naruto - Unlock Rock Lee, and then beat the game with all characters. Now highlight Nartuto on the character select screen and press X or Z. Sharingen Kakashi - Beat the game with Kyuubi Naruto, and then beat the game with Kakashi. Now highlight Kakashi on the character select screen and press X or Z. To unlock Asuma Sensei, you must beat the game with Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji. You must also get Jounin with them in Survival Mode.

Who is the best ninja in Naruto?

Rock Lee is of course he is so strong.

What do you do after you beat Gaara in naruto path of the ninja?

After I Beat Gaara In Naruto Path Of The Ninja I Trained Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Rock Lee, Neji, And Shikamaru, To The Highest level (99). Then I Talked To Konohomuru And Used Cheat Codes To Unlock Things Like Jiraya And Rasengan. You Can Also Go Talk To Mizuki With Naruto, Sasuke, And Sakura In The Forest He Will Give You A Surprise.

How do you unlock itachi in Naruto clash of ninja revolution?

You have to unlock episode 20 in the story mode by beating single player mode as rock lee and neji. After beating it, you should unlock episode 21. After beating it you should unlock episode 22. Then beat episode 22 to unlock 23 and when you beat 23, you should have unlocked itachi. I have the game on the wii and I've been trying to unlock episode 21, but i can't. I've beaten episode 20 seven times but nothing happens. Try it.

Should thay make a naruto spinoff?

They have made one about Rock Lee; Rock Lee and his ninja pals.

Who are all the characters on naruto clash of ninjas 1?

all of the characters are naruto,kyuubi naruto sasuke sakura kakashi, sharingan kakashi, haku, zabuza, and rock lee

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