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How can you use daily pure mathematics in your daily life?


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You can use mathematics in your dailey life by the simplest everyday things like taxes. You can also use mathematics if you have a job working at a store.


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we use discrete mathematics in industry and business

Engineering, architecture, product design, all these areas use angles daily.

Pure Mathematics is the branch of mathematics that deals only with mathematics and how it works - it is the HOW of mathematics. It is abstracted from the real world and provides the "tool box" of mathematics; it includes things like calculus. Applied mathematics is the branch of mathematics which applies the techniques of Pure Mathematics to the real world - it is the WHERE of mathematics; it includes things like mechanics. Pure Mathematics teaches you HOW to integrate, Applied mathematics teaches you WHERE to use integration.

You need mathematics in order to graduate from high school. You also will use it in daily life when you are older, such as balancing your check book.

Advanced maths like calculus, trigonometry etc can be used to find areas of irregular objects. Simple math is use extensively in daily life like statistics.

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Well, you use divsion with fractions in baking when using recipes... and of course with money, you use addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. Almost all of what is learned in math class can be used in daily life.

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Engineering, pure Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Rocketry.

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Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics and the like. Essentially anything either involving routine use of advanced mathematics and physics or pure physics.

Mathematics is a very complicated subject, but not impossible.Mathematics is the subject, everyone hates.Mathematics is my favorite subject.In order to be a successful person in life, I had to take mathematics classes.

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