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In everyday life you use it

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Q: How can you use moral fiber in your life?
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What is the moral of life?

The moral of life is to make use of every second of your life without wasting it and to do something great in your life.

Definition of moral fiber?

Moral fiber is the capacity to do what is right, no matter what the circumstance. A business person with strong moral fiber, for example, would decline a bribe, and put his self interests aside for the benefit of the company and its shareholders. A parent with strong moral fiber does whatever it takes to help their kids succeed, even if it means they have to make sacrifices. A person with moral fiber does not do things to intentionally harm others, and when given the opportunity, does things to help the less fortunate. When Abraham Lincoln pushed to free slaves despite hostility from his own political party, he showed great moral fiber.

How can you put the word moral in a sentence?

Example sentence - The moral fiber of the country is at stake.

What is the shape with the most moral fiber?

The hardy bread shape.

Are there any antonyms for fiber?

If you mean "strength of character," like "moral fiber," then I would say "spinelessness." If you mean "a piece of string," then no.

Is derived from broader sources such as ones peers or environmental surroundings?

Moral fiber

A moral is part of?

A moral is a part of life.

How do you use fiber in a sentence?

you have fiber bars

What are the moral factors affect qulity work life?

What are the moral factors affect qulity work life?

How can you use a sentence with fiber?

cereals have high fiber

What is a sentence you can use for agriculture?

Agriculture is essential for providing food, fiber, and other resources that support human life.

Why Catholic churchs not allow their followers to use condom and contraceptive?

The church teaches that all life is sacred and for a sexual act to be moral it must be open to life