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(For an example sentence with the word perspective, see the related question)

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Use perspective in a sentence?

Lauren changed my perspective on kenneling.

How do you use perspective in a sentence?

His perspective on the situation was completely different from mine

How do you use the word personal perspective in a sentence?

From a personal perspective, I really enjoyed the movie.

How would you use the word perspective in a sentence?

"From her perspective, Justin's marriage to her sister was ill-advised."

How do you use the word 'perspective' in a sentence?

When you put things into perspective, perhaps it is not lazy getting word sentences off the Internet.

How do you use spatial perspective in a sentence?

Spatial perspective is a geology term used to predict the physical and human patterns in space. An example sentence is: According the spatial perspective, we could never survive in space.

Can you give me a sentence for perspective?

"The man had the perspective of a teenager" is a simple sentence.

Sentence for perspective?

A sentence using perspective:The movie Hood-Winked has everyone's perspective on the story of Red Riding Hood.

How do you use the the word perspective in a sentence?

Climbing up the hill and looking back on it, always gives me a new perspective on the town where I live.

Perspective in a sentence?

im in the zoo and a perspective came to me.

How to Use perspective in a sentence?

multiple narrators apex Her perspective on the whole situation was completely different from mine. If your taking apex yes the answer Multiple Narrators is correct

Can you give me a sentence with the word perspective?

Let me clarify my perspective in this regard.

What system of perspective does it primarily use?

Aerial perspective.

Can you give me a sentence for the word perspective?

In my perspective, everyone should be treated with respect.

What sentence for perspective?

it is all about Perspectives. perspective is all that matters.

How do you use the word prospective in a sentence?

The word "prospective" means "likely or expected to occur; looking to the future".Hence, an example sentence would be:He was attracted to the young lady he had recently met, and considered her a prospective bride.Be careful not to mix up "prospective" with "perspective". In the case of "perspective", a suitable sentence would be:There are occasions when events are not in the proper perspective and must be realigned.

How do you use persepective in a sentence?

If I could see the world from my husband's perspective, we'd have fewer arguments at home. From and ant's perspective, a single leaf seems gigantic. Have you read the story of the three little pigs that is told from the perspective of the wolf?

How do you use prescriptive in a sentence?

Her perspective on the whole situation was completely different from mine.

Use the word perspective in a sentence?

Susy really needed to see things from her mom`s perspective... Perspective meaning like the way she does... So It would normally be like... Susy really need to see things the way her mom does From her uncle's perspective, it was going to rain all weekend.

How do you write perspective in a sentence?

Try to see the issue from his perspective and maybe you'll reach an agreement. You want the house to look clean and inviting to perspective buyers.

Can you give a sentence usng the word author's perspective?

The author's perspective of the story about a dog dying is really sad and emotional.

What is a topic sentence-?

A topic sentence is a perspective grammatical term to describe the sentence in an expository paragraph which summarizes the main idea of that paragraph.

What kind of perspective did Leonardo da Vinci use for the 'Mona Lisa'?

Linear perspective and aerial perspective.

How would you use holistic in a sentence?

We will examine the following case as a holistic study. Let's look at this from a holistic perspective. Would you recommend a holistic treatment?

What must you do when writing a multiple perspective essay?

every perspective you will use in the essay.

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