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Q: How can you use program in a sentence?
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How do you use the word program in a sentence?

i am in the after school progam

How do you use rerun in a sentence?

Let's try to rerun the program.

How can you use Kindle in a sentence?

The program kindled his interest in antiquarian books.

How do you use narrate in a sentence?

You just did hahaha.. anyways another sentence is "okay john, you write the program and i will narrate"

Use smoothly adverb to construct the sentence?

I hope that this program will be run smoothly.

Can you use shadow in a sentence?

The "Shadow Knows" was a radio program in the 1940's.

How do you use delinquent in a sentence?

The program deals with the second childhood of a group of aging delinquents.

How do you use a word prerecorded in a sentence?

Example sentence - The television program was prerecorded in order to edit it to fit in the allotted time frame.

How do you use spector in a sentence?

I like Spector Pro 6.0. It's a good computer program.

Use deletable in sentence?

When you type in a word processing program, the characters you enter are always deletable.

Is Millikan high school's Quest program hard?

yes you can use the word through in a sentence.

How do I use serial in a sentence?

My aunt seems to be addicted to a certain daytime dramatic serial program.