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Are you qualified to take this exam?
I am qualified to take the regents
Are you qualified to take the CIG test

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test your qualifing

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Q: How can you use qualified in a sentence?
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How can you use the word qualified in a sentence?

The woman qualified for becoming a nurse.

How do you use the word jurors in a sentence?

We are fresh out of qualified jurors in this county.

Can you use podiatrist in a sentence?

A podiatrist has to undergo a lengthy process to become qualified.

How can you use candidate in sentence?

That man was a good candidate for the job because he was well qualified.

How do you use adept in a sentence?

From Latin, ad (for) plus aptus (fit or qualified); combining form. Sentence use; 'she is very adept at swimming'; he is adept at math.

How do you use instructor in a sentence?

Surfing with a fully qualified instructor can also be arranged given suitable notice.

How can I use the word Advise in a sentence?

I would advise you to open a dictionary. I am not qualified to advise you regarding this matter.

Is the sentence correctly each of the programmers are qualified for this project?

Each of the programmers is qualified for this project

How would you use unmitigated in a sentence?

Unmitigated is a word that describes someone or something that is not qualified to do what they are doing. A good sentence would be, he was unmitigated to replace the roof on his parent house.

A sentence with the word qualified?

The Minister thought that the MBA graduate was qualified enough to be his personal assistant

How do you write a sentence with the word qualified in it?

Now that he had completed the course and got his diploma he was qualified to become an accountant.

How would you use conduct in a sentence?

I'm sorry, but I am not qualified to conduct your orchestra. My sister earned a good conduct award this semester.

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