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How can you watch the Super Bowl from other countries?


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2014-02-03 22:18:11
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I live in Sydney Australia, and last season the Superbowl was broadcast on free-to-air channel SBS ( It may have also been on cable channels like ESPN or Fox Sports.

Finland used to have local channels that broadcasted the game live. My guess is that nowadays it is on pay per view or cable. My guess is that at least Germany and Sweden, maybe Netherlands and UK will broadcast the game as well

A TV channel called TV10 in Sweden broadcasts the whole NFL and the Super Bowl.


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A lot of countries actually. About 22 (including the US). click on the link below to Check out the list.

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According to the NFL, Super Bowl XLI was broadcast to 232 countries and territories worldwide in 34 different languages. According to, the 2007 Super Bowl was broadcast in 232 countries and territories in 33 different languages.

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at least 22 million people with TV sets watch the 1967 super bowl ( the first super bowl )

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