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You can write to an elf at:


Icelandic Elf School



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Q: How can you write an elf?
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How would you write elf in plural form?

Plural is elves

Can you write a letter to your elf on the shelf?

no you can not send the elf on the shelf notes why

Do you write a note under your Christmas tree saying you want a Elf on the Shelf to Santa?

Oh, yes. Santa and Elf go way back. Seeing they are both magical, Elf even rides around on Santa's shoulder from time to time.

Where can you purchase the book Elf on the Shelf without the elf?

You can buy it from amazon. You also can leave some crackers on your kitchen table and you have to believe,and the next day you have your very own elf on the shelf. But the best way is you are supposed to be good. When santa see's that you have been good,the elf will write you a email and a book and come the next day.

How can you get your shelf elf to bring you a dog?

Shelf Elves have a hard time with dogs sometimes. They are scared of them. However, your best bet is to write a letter to Santa about it and give it to your parents to deliver. If he decides to get you a dog, the elf will go along with it.

How do I restore my Elf's magic?

you write a note to it, saying sorry! then, sprinkle a little cinnamon. cinnamon is like a vitamin for elves.

How do you write 11 in German?

elf is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you write in elvish?

In J.R.R. Tolkien's cosmology, the elves use a writing system called "Tengwar", created by the elf Fëanor.

What is the elf gender?


What is analogy of elf?


What is a type of elf?

"the Wood Elf", or if you like Warcraft, "the Night Elf"

A type of elf?

Small!Dark ElfLight ElfWelfRiver Elf --- MorganBurrowing Elf -- DroversForest Elf --- several types