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In a division problem, the answer is called the quotient.

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Q: How can you write quotient in a sentence?
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Related questions

What is a sentence for quotient?

Quotient is the solution obtained during division .

Can you give me a sentence with the word quotient?

the answer to a division problem is quotient

How do you use quotient in a sentence?

A quotient is the result of a division. The quotient from dividing 50 by 5 is 10.

Example of a sentence using the word quotient?

The quotient of 6 by 3 is 2 .

Can you use the work quotient in a good sentence?

The quotient for the division problem was wrong.

How are factors and quotients related?

In the sentence 6 times 9 equals 54, 6 and 9 are factors of the product 54. In the sentence 54 divided by 9 equals 6, 6 is the quotient. In the sentence 54 divided by 6 equals 9, 9 is the quotient. The result of a multiplication sentence is the product of factors; the result of a division sentence is the quotient.

How would you write a quotient for 81 3?

If you mean 81/3 then the quotient is 27

How can you use the word quotient in an exclamatory sentence?

I don't care how you divided; that simply isn't the quotient!

What sentence is The quotient of a number and 5 gives 19?

The quotient of 95 divided by 5 is 19

How do you write a quotient as an equation when there is no remainder?

You cannot write the quotient itself as an equation, but you can express a division operation and use an equation to express that the result of this operation (the quotient) is a specific value. For example, 16/8 =2.

The quotient of a number and 3?

write a variable expresson to represent the phrase: the quotient of a number 3

How do you write the quotient of 18 and x in a expression?


What is another sentence for the word quotient?

The word quotient is NOT a sentence--there's no subject (performer) since there's no verb (action) and it does NOT convey a complete idea.

What do you call an anwer for a division sentence?


How do you write 5555555555555 as a quotient of two integers?

You could write it as 5555555555555/1.

How would you write this as an algebraic equation ten more than the quotient of a number and -2 is three?

10 + (n/-2) = 3 If a sentence uses "more than", it is referring to addition. If it says "the quotient of ____ and ____", then it is the first number divided by the second one. "Is" is the same as "equals".

How do you write a ratio as a quotient?


What does the quotient mean in math term?

The answer in a division sentence.

How can you write quotient of x and y?


How do you write the quotient of a number and 17?


How do write a quotient of a number and 5?


How do you write the quotient of 18 and x?


How do you write the quotient of a number and six?

It is n/6.

Divide and write the quotient as a mixed number 23/5?


What is the quotient of two whole numbers?

The answer in a division problem. In the sentence 12 divided by 4 equals 3, 3 is the quotient.