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Exposure to radiation can cause color changes in diamonds through a process called "radiation annealing". This occurs when the crystal lattice structure of the diamond is altered by the radiation, causing the color to change. For example, exposure to high levels of radiation can turn a diamond from yellow to green, while lower levels of radiation can turn it blue. The exact color change depends on the type and intensity of radiation, as well as other factors like the diamond's composition and impurities.

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When a natural -- not man-made diamond -- is radiated, the crystals containing trace amounts of minerals other than carbon, the natural, latent colour of the stone is enhanced.

Whenever a diamond is radiated, it is imperative that this process be documented, so that any potential buyer understands where the diamond 'got its colour'. A gemologist can determine whether or not a diamond has been irradiated and its colour, therefore, enhanced.

Intensely coloured diamonds are generally more valuable than diamonds with less prominent colours. As well, naturally coloured diamonds are more valuable than diamonds that have been enhanced.

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Q: How color of diamond can change by radiation?
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