How come feet stink?

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Because they sweat so much while wearing shoes/socks and it stays there until you remove the clothing.

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Q: How come feet stink?
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Why do feet stink?

Our feet stink because of germs and sweat, although exsist some types of feet sweat smell, which does not stink.

Do Nylons Make What if your Feet Stink?

Yes. The more your feet stink, the more what they make.

Are vans suppost to make your feet stink?

Maybe. If your feet stink with other sneakers then yes they will stink. But it really depends on how you take care of your feet and stuff like that.

How do you get your feet to not stink?

how u get your feet not to stink is u take tomato sauce, chicken noodle soup, fruit punch or any other type of your favorite juice crystals and mix them in a pot big enough for your feet and make sure there is no clumps of juice crystals then for 3 hours keep both feet in the mixture do this for 3 days and your feet r for sure going to smell like the juice you put in! (put lots of juice crystals in or it will not work) (put as much of all the stuff u need the stinker the more please or u will seriously hurt someone your with nose)

Why do your feet stink after you remove your footwear?

Well people have all agreed that feet contain acid and when your feet stink the acid is coming out

Which feet stink the most big or small?

As my opinion there is not relation of big feet or small feet to stink. Here other factors are playing role to stink feet, it could be depend on your carelessness, other your Inherited Symptoms.

Does Zayn Malik's feet stink?

yes. all people's feet stink. he probably farts as well and even poops!

What causes your shoes to stink?

your feet silly

Does Olivia wilde feet stink?


Why is your feet stink when you don't wear shoes?

your feet stink because when yousweat in your feet the sweat travels through your sock and some of it doesnt make it to your shoe and stays inside your sock

How often does the average women's feet stink?

Womens feet do smell too trust me.

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