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Q: How come when politicians make promises there are often unintended consequences?
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What theme best fits the story of Frankenstein?

Humans should not try to control the world

Main result for having a Revolution?

Revolutions bring change. It may not always bring the desired change and there are often unintended consequences as a result.

What is the definition of Hoax?

Hoax is a trick or joke played on a person. It often has unintended consequences and in some cases can be illegal. The are sometimes used in connection with attempts to defraud someone.

Why are demographics important to politics?

In order for politicians to be able to concentrate the right promises in the right areas to the right people. Often politicians have to please people with different backgrounds and wishes. By understanding what these are in relation to position campaigns can concentrate or dilute propaganda depending on the area it is in.

What types of promises do people most often break?

People break promises to people that they don't know very well.

Where is the green place Bob Cratchit promises they will visit often?

He promises to visit tthe green blue yonder. On a retular bases.

What promises does a warrenty often carry?

All warranties are different and carry different promises. One thing that a warranty often carries is that if the product breaks somehow, then they will replace the product or give you your money back.

From what malady do politicians often suffer?

Truth Decay

Do politicians often sit on the fence?

That polictians are often undecided a out problems and aren't on one side or the other.

How do politicians decide on their main forums?

Politicians typically base their forums on the demands of the public and media. Often times the questions raised during debates will influence not only what politicians say but also how they say it.

What made Hitler's message appealing to Germans?

Key factors include: * He had a sense of mission. * He was very different from conventional politicians; he give the impression that he wouldn't do 'sordid secret deals' with other politicians. * Promises of jobs. * Promises to restore Germany's prestige. * A policy of 'Germany first', 'Germany for the Germans'. * Seemingly uncompromising hostility to Communism. * His (convincingly acted) public outbursts of intense rage seemed, to many, to articulate their own frustrations and anger. In most parts of Germany his rabid antisemitism had only limited appeal, and his advisers often urged him to tone it down in the period before he came to power.

Chariot races and gladiatorial games were often staged by?

politicians wanting to get votes