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I believe this is because your adult teeth are there all the time and just move up to replace your baby teeth. It is not that adult teeth suddenly start growing when your baby teeth fall out. If an adult tooth is lost, there is nothing there to replace it.

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Q: How come when you pull out your baby teeth they grow back but when you pull out your adult teeth they dont grow back?
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How many teeth do you have that you could pull out and they'll gro back in?

Only your baby teeth will be replaced with other teeth when they are pulled or fall out. A human has 20 baby teeth total. If you pull out human adult teeth they will not come back.

Does the teeth of a mountain lion fall off and then come back?

No. Mountain lions get two sets, baby teeth and adult teeth. If th adult teeth gets damaged the animal just has to do without.

Which teeth fallout when your a child?

Your 'Baby' teeth fall out when a child and in their place come 'Adult' teeth. Simple names really, easy to remember...Baby teeth = young child, Adult teeth = older child + adult.

Can baby teeth grow roots?

Most baby teeth don't have roots at all, because they will come out. If they have roots they are probably adult teeth.

Can your back tooth come out?

yes back teeth can come out if they are first (milk) teeth they will be replaced but if they are second or adult teeth they can only be replaced with false teeth

When do donkeys loose their baby teeth?

Donkeys usually lose their baby teeth when they are anywhere from two to five years old. Their adult teeth usually come in quickly.

Will a dog's teeth grow back if it gets knocked out?

All mammals are born with a set of milk teeth, also known as baby teeth, and adult teeth. A dog is in this classification. If the dog's too is knocked out between the ages of 2 to 3 months old their adult tooth come in. If the tooth that is knocked out is an adult tooth it won't.

Do dogs have a second set of teeth?

Dogs have similar teeth development to humans - they have one set of deciduous ("baby") teeth and a second set of permanent ("adult") teeth. However, once their permanent teeth come in, there are no replacements for them.

Is it possible for baby teeth to fall out and be replaced with more baby teeth?

not sure had 5 kids and never had it happen yet it may just leave a gap until the adult teeth come through

I have grown all my adult teeth quite sometime ago but I do not have all 32 teeth I only have 26 teeth Why?

If you have grown all your adult teeth, yet you do not have all the 32 teeth, but just 26, there is a chance that you lost your baby tooth too early and your adult tooth is unable to come in.

When cats lose its canine teeth will it grow back?

A cat's baby teeth will come in when the kitty is 3-4 weeks old. The adult canines will come in at around 18-20 weeks. If a cat loses its adult canine, it will not grow back, but he should still be able to eat and play normally. Always, make sure to contact your vet if problems arise.

Which teeth are permanent teeth?

When you take out you're tooth twice they become permanent teeth you only lose your teeth once. your baby teeth fall out, and the adult ones come in. this doesn't happen twice.