How common is it to have appendicitis while pregnant?

It's most likely the baby crushing your insides. I always had a lot of pain and I thought it was my gallbladder because the same situation is in my family as yours it's just our gallbladders. But pregnancy also bring the worst out, any problems you have or had will be magnified by the hormone changes. You should never do surgery during you pregnancy unless it is LIFE-threatening, so talk to your doctor about it and he will keep a close eye on your symptoms.

From my own net searches, I believe about one in 2,000 pregnant women get appendicitis. I may be one of them (waiting on tests).

Blood tests that show an increased white blood cell count may indicate the condition. Pain may present higher on the right side of the abdomen than normal, depending on how pregnant you are, as the uterus pushes internal organs up as it grows bigger.

Laparoscopy is used to detect appendicitis in pregnant women as soon as possible. Immediate surgery is necessary if tests are positive to prevent rupture of appendix and peritonitis which will endanger both mother and baby.

Therefore, don't ignore abdominal pain in pregnancy. Your baby will remain healthier for it and you will have peace of mind.

I am 6 months pregnant and my appendix burst. I have just got out of the hospital. It has been very painful and scary but I seem to be on the mend. The baby seems completely fine.

If this helps your own diagnosis, my pain was 2 inches to the right of my belly button, and then radiated up and down from there. So it's a lot higher than when you are not pregnant.

I am 7 months pregnant and just had my appendix removed. It was a fairly easy procedure, it is the recovery that is difficult.I had laparoscopic surgery done. I am glad I had the procedure done, my mind is at at ease now that I know the baby and I are out of the danger zone. Now I have labor and delivery to look forward to.

My Mom had her appendix out (it had burst) when she was 16 weeks pregnant with me.

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Try not to worry.

My aunt had appendicitis when she was pregnant. It had burst and it was awhile before she knew it so they had to air lift her to the hospitall because the poison it releases after if ruptures could have killed her and the baby but they were saved so if you think it has you really need to get to the doctors soon because it could put you and the baby in danger.

I was 5 months pregnant when my appendix burst. It was a pain like nothing I had ever felt, I could not move, lay on my sides, or walk. I was only comfortable laying in a lounge position. I went to the emergency room and was admitted for an appendicitis. I was there for 4 days, they took 2 ultrasounds a day, and when my gyno looked at me he determined it was a bladder infection and they sent me home. A little over a week later I woke one morning with fever shivers and was gushing out a very rancid smelling, dark brown, blood-like consistency. I went back to the hospital; it was my appendix, and the poisons that had ruptured a week before had collected, ruptured again and was coming out of me. I ended up going into labor that evening, I lost my baby, and because of the poisons/sepsis from the appendix, my lungs, liver, and kidneys started to shut down. I got ARDS: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome from the sepsis and was in ICU on a respirator for 18 days. The mortality rate is high with ARDS, I'm very lucky to be here. PLEASE - if you are experiencing any kind of pain in the abdomen, go see a doctor. Please do not let what happened to me happen to you. Do not leave the doctors/hospital until they have completely ruled out an appendicitis.