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Q: How concave mirror is used in head lights and search lights throw light at long distances?
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Why concave mirror is used in search lights?

The concave shape focuses the light into a narrow beam. If the mirror was convex, the light would be spread out - useless for searching into any distance.

Is search light mirror concave or convex?


Which type of mirror is used in search lights?


Compare the image formed by a concave lens and the image formed by a convex mirror?

the image formed by convex lens are real but the images formed by concave lens are virtual concave mirror are commonly used in to torches search light and vehicles headlights to get powerful parallel beam of light they are often used as a wing a to see a larger image of the face the dentist use a concave mirrors to see larger image of that is open send large can give are used to concentrate sunlight to produce heat in solar furnace

Which mirror is used in search light?

parabolic mirror is used in search light

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What type of mirror used in search light?

Flash lights in general use what is called a paraboloid of revolution. This is the three dimensional shape you get when you take a two dimensional parabola and rotate it about its axis. This shape causes light that is coming from a single point and is traveling in many directions to be redirected into a single direction. The light bulb is at what is called the focus of the mirror.Go to the related links below for pictures and more details.

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