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I have the same dream, but I'm 12. Get yourself noticed! YouTube, casting calls, plays, etc. instead of trying make it happen! I'm 11 and this is my biggest dream and u no what i did exactly what u just did. i filled out a bunch of applications and an agent actually called me. i am going on sunday so if u ever c me on tv I'm ashlyn. hope this helps. now go chase ur dream and make it happen like i did.

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Q: How could an 11-year-old become a famous actress?
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yeah you could use the secret if you want to i am trying that right now. and it's working although i am not famous YET but i will be soon these are my initials z.f.m. so remember that.

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I suggest going to college and majoring in Theater or Drama. You will get the coaching that you need to become a good actress and it will also give you time to decide whether or not that is the career you want. Also, if becoming famous does not work out, you have a college degree to fall back on. You could then use it to become a drama teacher or play director. Good Luck!

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