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Q: How could you adapt your experiment to obtain a purer sample of salt?
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What will happen if a crucible containing a sample is heated with a very hot flame causing the sample to splatter out in a chemistry experiment?

The experimenter could get burned by the hot or caustic sample.

Would the reported molarity of the vinegar sample be affected by an error in weighing?

Yes, you could possibly have errors in your data about the molarity of a vinegar sample during a titration experiment if there was an error made during weighing.

Why you obtain data?

When you collect data is when you are trying to figure something out. Say you are doing an experiment. You would want to collect data so that you could see the results of the experiment. Why you want to collect data is so that you can see your results of whatever you are doing, whether it is an experiment or an inquiry.

How could determine the concentration of ascorbic acid in an unknown sample?

The concentration of ascorbic acid in an unknown sample can be obtain by conducting a few steps by using the DCPIP test. Firstly, we must obtain the volume (dm ) of the sample solution which are required to turn the DCPIP solution (blue) colour into colourless. After obtaining the volume we use an electronic balance to obtain the mass of the sample solution in gram (g). Then we use the concentration formula of [mass (g) of solute per volume (dm ) of solution] to find out the concentration. Hence. The concentration obtained was the concentration of ascorbic acid.

In statistics which is better large sample size or small sample size?

Generally, the larger the sample the more reliable the results. Example: If you flipped a coin twice and got heads both times you could say the coined is biased towards heads. However, if you repeat the experiment 100 times your results will be a lot more reliable.

How does a shrimp adapt to its environment in the sea?

to what? there are many things they could adapt so???

How could you design an experiment to show how a fault is formed?

How could you design an experiment to show how a fault is formed

Could you give pascal's law experiment?

an experiment on pascal's law

What variable in a experiment is a water temperature?

it could be ethier or depeding on the experiment

How do you think you could select a random sample of your classmates?

It depends on the what the sample is for, but at least get both girls and boys in the sample.

What properties could be used to help determine whether the sample is rreally zinc?

Melting point of the sample & Density of the sample

What is the sample size for a population of 60010?

well a sample size can be any size depending on the requirements. A sample size could be 10 people of that entire population or it could be 1000 people.