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How could you change the mass of an object?

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Well, you could accelerate it till it was travelling near the speed of light, in which case it's mass would increase.

But in everyday terms, you can't, it is constant

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Which property of an object could be changed if that object traveled to anther planet?

only the mass will change, the mass is the force applied by an object.

How could you change the volume of an object without changing the mass?


How can you change the mass of an object?

Here are a few ways the mass could be changed: -- Glue another piece onto the object. -- Give the object a new coat of paint. -- Sand the object to remove all the dirt and grit. -- Drill holes in the object. -- Cut a piece off of the object. If the object doesn't change size or composition in some way, its mass doesn't change.

How could you double the mass of a moving object and not change its acceleration?

Sit a rock on it.

Does the mass of an object change as the distance of gravity changes?

No, the measured weight of an object WILL change but the mass of an object will never change regardless of the gravitational force on object.

How does the mass of an object on earth compare with the mass of the same object on the moon?

there is no change in the mass of body

What is the mass of a 10kg object on Jupiter?

10 kilograms. Mass does not change with where on object is.

How does mass affect the inertia of an object?

Mass is the measure of inertia and if you change the mass the inertia will change.

What causes the mass of an object to change?

Mass is created by the vibrational frequency the object emits. The lower the frequency; the more solid and heavy an object is. The faster the frequency; the lighter and less solid an object is. So by changing the vibrational frequency, one could change the mass of the object. This can be done through 'injecting' certain wave frequencies (sound) to influence the change and this has been done in the past in many cultures.

Does density of an object change with altitude?

I am assuming that you mean mass of an object. The answer is no, it does not change. Mass (Density) stays the same wherever the object is, only its weight will change if the force of gravity is different.

If you change the mass of a moving object you change its?


Will the weight of an object change if it changes it state?

No. The mass of an object doesn't change (Law of Conservation of Mass), therefore its weight won't change either (weight = mass x gravity).

Can a force change a mass of an object?


Which does not change when an unbalancd force acts on object?

The Mass of the object.

Why force changes the speed of an object?

Force = Mass * Acceleration or Acceleration = Force / MassThe Mass is the mass of the object and the Acceleration is the change of speed of the object due to the Force.

Does mass change depending on where you are?

No. Mass will be the same wherever an object is.

Does mass of an object change depending on where it is?

No, the mass of an object is independent of where it is. The mass does not change. However, the weight (that is the product of mass and gravity acceleration) changes by change of the gravity. For example, the gravity on the moon is 1/6th that on earth. so, the object weight on the moon is 1/6th the same object weight on earth.

Does mass change when its shape of object changes?

Typically no. If you make an object smaller or bigger you change it's density, but it's mass remains the same. Only if you take away energy with mass (such as atoms, molecules, etc.), which can effect shape, does the mass of an object change.

How does the mass and the object on the earth compare with the mass of the same object on the moon?

The object's mass doesn't change, no matter where it is or where it goes.

Calculate change in momentum?

Momentum = Mass x Velocity The change in momentum = (mass of the object x the end velocity) - (mass of the object x the beginning velocity)

Does the mass of an object change as the distance from the center of gravity changes?

Mass doesn't change. Mass the is substance of an object, moving it around won't affect how much mass it has, only adding or subtracting from the object would affect the quantity of mass. The weight would change because gravity is inversely proportional to distance but not the mass.

What would cause the mass of an object to change?

Increasing the density and/or the amount of the substance of an object will cause the mass to change

When does the mass of an object change?

During a physical or chemical change

If you change the mass of a certain object you also change its what?


Why is it easier to change the motion of an object with a small mass than an object with a large mass?

Because it is lighter.