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The only way to know if you have HIV is a blood test.

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What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV Virus the government the church the home

What assists in maintaining the proper filtration of the kidneys and the development of sexual characteristics during puberty

Which circulatory system of vessels provides the heart with its own blood supply for nutrients and oxygen

What disease is associated with farting

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Q: How could you know if you contract AIDS?
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Who can contract aids?

ANYBODY who is sexually active can contract Aids.

Can you contract aids by urination?

No, you can not contract HIV by urination.

Could a14 year gay child get aids?

There is a possibility for gay 14 year old children to contract HIV/AIDS, ONLY if he/she has been engaging in sexual activities with another person with HIV/AIDS. There is also an equal likelihood for a straight person to contract AIDS - it is not your sexuality that determines whether you are prone to diseases or not!

Can a woman contract aids by having unsafe sex for a one min?

yes just by coming in contact with the penis of a person that has aids you can contract it

Did John Wayne Gacy contract aids?

He did not.

How do you contract aids HIV?

blood, semin

What happen to people who contract aids?


How many children are afflicated with AIDS and how do they usually contract this disease?

What is the full form of first aids ?

How do you contract aids?

Through blood or sexual fluids.

How did Eazy-E contract aids?

he was a butt pirate.

If a man has two wives did he get aids?

Having two wives does not cause a man to have HIV or AIDS. You contract HIV (the precursor to AIDS) by having sex with or sharing blood (through needles, etc) with a person who is already infected.If the man's wives do not have HIV, he won't get it from them, but he could stille contract it by having sex or sharing blood with someone else.

Can woman get AIDS from another woman?

Yes, of course. You can contract AIDS from anyone that is carrying the HIV virus.

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