How deep is house foundation?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: How deep is house foundation?
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How deep do you have to dig to lay the foundation for a house?

15-25 meters it depends on the size of the house

Differentiate between shallow and deep foundation?

The difference between a shallow and deep foundation is very simple. A shallow foundation is not very deep and a deep foundation is.

What is a deep strip foundation and when is it used?

strip foundation is love

How many types of foundation?

types of foundation....1. shallow foundation 2. deep foundation 3. pile foundation

When was House Foundation created?

House Foundation was created in 1983.

When did House Foundation end?

House Foundation ended in 2010.

Comparison between shallow foundation and deep foundation?

A shallow foundation is generally considered any foundation element that is 6 feet or less in depth. or the depth of foundation is equals to its width of the foundation. Examples are thickened edge slabs and grade beams that are supporting minimal weight.

How do you you build a under water house in the sims 2?

First you build a foundation like your going to build a house but a very small one. LIttle foundation. Second: make the ground water then make it deep enough and to were the ground is even. 3. Then build a foundation under the water then stairs to the foundation up above 4. Then build it like a normal house, Your sims can go down there without dying, guarenteed!

What is the duration of House Foundation?

The duration of House Foundation is 4 hours.

What is the population of Fisher House Foundation?

Fisher House Foundation's population is 15.

When was Fisher House Foundation created?

Fisher House Foundation was created in 1990.

What does The Build House foundation benefit?

There is no such organization as The Build House foundation. You can find information on how to build a house foundation online at eHow and DIY Network.