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Q: How deep must a well be dug to yield a constant supply of freshwater?
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How deep must a well be dug to yield a constant supply for freshwater?

under the frikin' water table ya herb

How deep must a well be dug in order to yield a constant supply of freshwater?

below the water table pssshhh noob

How deep is a freshwater ecosystem?

a freshwater ecosystem is a normal ecosystem or in this case it would just be deep. I hope you like my answer. ;) ":j

When was Deep Sea Supply created?

Deep Sea Supply was created in 2005.

How deep is the marine biome?

It varies according to the type of freshwater biome

What are pirahanas?

A deep-bodied South American freshwater fish

What deep freshwater lake is in central Siberia?

lake baikal

Which deep freshwater lakeis located in Central Siberia?

Lake Baikal

What deep freshwater is located in central Siberia?

Lake Baikal is the deepest oldest lake in the world and the largest freshwater lake by volume.

Is there any sharke in deep creek lake?

Deep Creek Lake is a man-made freshwater lake - there are no sharks.

Do orcas eat freshwater manatees?

no orcas live in deep ocean waters while manatees live in freshwater oceans and tropical rivers

What is the name of the greenish bronze colored deep water freshwater fish?