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The constitution created a republic. A republic is a form of democracy, but slightly different from a pure democracy. To increase its appeal to smaller states the Constitution was created to protect the minority from the majority. This is the reason for the electoral college system. The smaller and less populated states are given greater weight in presidential elections. This is how candidates can win the popular vote but lose the election. Not exactly democratic, but necessary to keep the larger population areas from completely dominating elections. Also, despite many peoples complaints, the electoral college will never change because it would take a constituional amendment that will never pass congress or state votes.

Many others items also suggest the Constitution as being undemocratic. One basic idea is that the people did not vote for the Constitution. Some other items that are viewed as proof that the Constitution is undemocratic are: the Ratification process, the senate and the way each state is represented, and in Article I, Section 2, a slave counts as 3/5 of a person. These are just some of the ideas that provide evidence as to why the Constitution is thought to be undemocratic. These are just a few other notions to consider and are not the only ideas to consider.

It is a document of law for the ruling body to enforce when neededusually to their benefit. A democratic constitution should be for thepeople enforced by an elected governing body for the people.Democratic.The meaning of democracy, isn't it the same as socializim?When did socializm become a bad word?Socializm is for the peoples and their community.It is what we are fighting for right now. We are fighting for ourcommunities in the USA from invasion.

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Q: How democratic is the US Constitution?
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