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How did Ariana Grande get on 13 on Broadway?

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How did ariana grande get on 13 broadway

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you did not answer it!

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Which Broadway show was Ariana Grande in?

13 the musical ( origional cast )

What did Ariana Grande do on Broadway?

I believe you mean do. She was on a broadway show called 13, where she played Charlotte.

How old was Ariana Grande when she was on Broadway?

she was on broadway when she was 15-16 in 13 the musical then when she was 17 she was in la bette

Who is charlotte in 13 musical?

Ariana Grande plays the role of Charlotte in the musical 13! on broadway.

What did Ariana Grande do before victorious?

Ariana Grande was in Broadway before she went on Victorious.

How did Ariana Grande get famous?

When she was on Broadway.

How long has Ariana Grande been famous?

In 2008, Ariana played the role of Charlotte in the musical 13 on Broadway, but Ariana Grande became real famous when she appeared on the Nickelodeon show Victorious in 2010.

Were Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande in the same Broadway production?

Yes, they were together at "13" the musical. Liz Gillies played Lucy and Ariana-Charlotte.

What was Elizabeth Gillies first to do?

she was in a broadway show with ariana grande

Did Greyson Chance break up with Ariana Grande?

Ariana never dated Greyson, haha. Ariana's 18, and Greyson is 13-14. Ariana Grande's boyfriend's name is Graham Philips. He was on the broadway musical "13" with her (:

Who does ariana grande play in 13?

charlotte was a cheerleaderYes, the original Broadway show 13, also with Liz gillies who plays jade on victoriousCharlotte.

How did Ariana Grande get discover?

She was on Broadway but she didn't get discovered by there, she auditioned for her role on victorious.

Was Ariana Grande in 13 the musical on Broadway?

Yes, she was. You can find it on pretty much all of her fansites and if you look up videos from the musical, she's in them.

Who is Frankie Grande?

frankie grande is the brother of ariana grande who plays cat on victorious frankie was on mama mia and dora on broadway and now he is a play producer look up ariana grande on youtube she is truly amazing

How Long Have Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies Been Friends?

Since they shared a dressing room in the Broadway musical '13'. since they met in the movie.

What year did Ariana Grande become famous?

2008 she starred in the broadway musical 13 and then she landed the role of Caterina Valentine on Victorious in 2010 present!

Why did Ariana Grande pursued this career?

Well... Ariana Grande didn't even know it was coming, but there was a producer watching her sing in 13 the muscle and when the show was finished he talk to her mom, ariana,and her dad...and ariana grande said yes!

When did Ariana Grande get famous?

She got famous in Jason Roberts Broadway Musical 13. Some people say her big break was in Annie but that's not true she said it was 13 the musical in a interview.

Was cat from victorious in 13?

Yes! She was! Her name is Ariana Grande!

What movie did Ariana Grande do when she was young?

She was in the brodaway cast if 13

What role did Ariana Grande play in 13?

Charlotte the the cheerleader

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