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In "Twilight," Bella undergoes a transformation from a shy, reserved girl to a more confident and determined individual. She becomes more willing to stand up for herself and those she cares about, and she gains a deeper sense of her own identity and strength. Bella also grows stronger emotionally as she navigates her feelings for Edward and the challenges they face together.

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It was Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). He did this when Bella and him had had a child which was a vampire and was killing Bella(sucking all her blood). Edward bit Bella and a few weeks later she woke up and lived with there child.

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Bella was going to give birth, but edward new she was going to die then so he took some of his blood and enjected it into Bella. that is how Bella became a vampire, ohh and she had a girl i don't know what her name is but the baby is hafe vampire because she changed half way though birth.

hope i ansered your question.

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Q: How did Bella change in twlight?
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How did Bella Swan change through out Twlight?

she has a baby and dies from it but edward bites her into a vamp just in time :P

What is the point of view of twlight?

in the books you are reading from Bella's point of view. in the movies it is narrated by Bella.

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Well her name is Renee' but I think Bella just calls her mom.

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Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward.

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Yes Edward really loved Bella in all of the Twilight books.

What is twlight Breaking Dawn about?

It consists about Bella and Edward married life and about Bella's kid, the volturi and their decisions, it consists of twists and turns in the entire story.

What is charles power in twlight?

charlies (bella's dad) doesn't have any powers but other then that i have no idea on what your talking about

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she is 17 in the beginning but they stopped filming for a little while then she turned 18 when they started filming again

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