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Bilbo is upset with the plan because they involve him checking the situation out himself.

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How did Bilbo Baggins react to the plan of the dwarves?

Bilbo, with all the dwarves' plans, is unhappy because they involve him checking the situation out.

What is Bilbo Baggins plan for freeing the dwarves from Elvinking?

Bilbo found the hidden exit in the palace of Elvenking. He makes a plan to make dwarves out of the palace. He put all the dwarves into the barrels with many plants that can protect them, and rolled them out of the secret exit. And under there, there is a cold lake, which will lead the hobbit and dwarves to the Lake Town

What is the weak part of the dwarves plan in The Hobbit?

Smaug introduced the weaknesses to Bilbo in their conversation. The biggest one was how Bilbo was going to get a one 14th part of the treasure home.

What will happen to Bilbo and the dwarves in mirkwood?

The Dwarves will get captured by the giant spiders who plan to eat them, Bilbo rescues them, only for them to be captured again by the Elves.

What indicates that Bilbo is becoming a leader?

After Bilbo frees the Dwarves from the spider webs he comes up with the plan to get them all out of danger. Not only do the Dwarves follow him but he is also able to execute his plan and get them out of the jam.

Why must Bilbo continue to burgle the same place day after day?

The dwarves were captured and imprisoned by the elves in Mirkwood. Bilbo had to keep entering to form a plan and carry it out.

What did Bilbo Baggins intend to do if he was unable to find Gandalf or the dwarves?

If Gandalf and the dwarves did not show up to rescue him, Bilbo Baggins had a plan to make his way through the tunnels to locate them. However, he is saved from that undertaking when he hears the dwarves and Gandalf talking.

What adventure do the dwarves in hobbit plan to go on?

They are on the way to reclaim their ancestral home under the mountain.

What is one weakness Bilbo has in his barrel plan in The Hobbit?

It was a plan about barrels, and everyone knows that Hobbits and barrels don't mix.

What do you determine to be the weak point of the dwarves' plan?

the weak part of their plan was that they didn't really HAVE a plan, other than to get to the Lonely Mountain and somehow confront Smaug. Poor Bilbo!

What serious flaw in bilbos escape plan suddenly occurs to Bilbo at last minute?

There were enough barrels for the dwarves, but not one for him.

What plan does Bilbo carry out?

Bilbo plans and carries out many plans in the adventure. He starts attempting his plan to steal from the Trolls, but that didn't work out properly. Rescue of the dwarves from the Elven King's dungeon is a big one. He enters the back entrance of Erebor, and then proceeds to steal the golden chalice from the hoard of Smaug the Dragon.

What elven frailties aid Bilbo with his escape plan?

The elven frailty is wine. The elvenking's butler and the chief guard drink some wine, which caused them to fall asleep. This gave Bilbo the chance of stealing the keys to the jail cells, and escaping with the rest of the dwarves.

How did Bilbo rescue thorin and company from the elvenking?

He devises a plan to get them out of the dungeons. A stroke of luck allows him to get the keys from the jailor. He then puts the dwarves in barrels that are dropped into the river to go back to Laketown.

Why are the dwarves imprisoned in chapter nine?

In The Hobbit the thirteen dwarves are imprisioned by the Wood Elves of Mirkwood becauseDwarves and Elves have never been on good terms, consiquently the Elves are suspisious that the dwarves were plotting some foul plan.The Elves were very ticked that the dwarves kept interupting their festivites in Mirkwood.When the dwarves are questioned about what they are doing in Mirkwood, they refuse to answer, making Thranduil (the Elvenking of Mirkwood) extremely suspious. As a result, the dwarves were to remain in prision until they revealed their intentions.It should be noted that the dwarves were not badly treated while they were captives.

How does Bilbo plan to help his friends escape the spiders?

Well ,at first he escapes himself from the giant spiders by using gollums ring to disguise himself ,that gave him the idea to do the same with his friends ,the dwarves ...

Was thorin in The Hobbit a good leader?

yes he was he never led and when he did come up with a plan it was a weak one. Instead of standing up and doing his ancestors proud he left the dirty work to Bilbo yet Bilbo never truly gets recognized for being the one to fins smaug's soft spot, Bilbo is under appreciated for a while in the novel.

In the book The Hobbit what serious flaw in Bilbo's escape plan suddenly occurs at the last minute?

He realizes that there was no one to shut him up in one of the barrels, as he had sealed in all the dwarves. He ended up riding on top of some of the barrels.

What continues to be a weak point in the dwarves plan?

What they are gonna do when they get to Smaug

Why do the dwarves finally agree to help Bilbo's escape plan which includes packing the dwarves in empty wine barrels?

The dwarves realise that it is the only way to escape, and the only chance they'll get to do it.

How good is Bilbo's escape plan?

Bilbo's escape plan is mediocre. He risked the lives of the dwarves while trying to carry it out.

How did Zeus react to Demeters plan?

What plan are you talking about?You never said what plan...

How did the soviet union react to the Marshall Plan?

they refused to participate in the plan.

What do the trolls plan doing with Bilbo?

To eat him They also take cooking advice from him, to cook the dwarfs

In chapter 16 of the Hobbit do you think Bilbo's plan will be successful?

yes i do believe it will be successful but it depends.

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