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Brian from hatchet made his fire in the following steps...

1-He strikes the hatchet on the wall of the cave

2-he lives in and it sparks; the cave's mineral makeup included flint.

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How did Brian use the hatchet in the book hatchet?

Brian uses his hatchet to make a fire , a raft , and to hunt animals.

How did Brian in hatchet make fire?

he threw his hatchet against the wall

What did Brian make in the book hatchet?

bow and arrow and fire

What did Brian use the hatchet for in the book Hatchet?

Brian used his hatchet for survival. He used it to make a fire, spear, and raft. Who ever answered chopping children, did not read the book.

In hatchet what 3 things did Brian use to make a fire?

He uses the cave wall, sticks,grass,and his hatchet and by hitting the wall with his hatchet he creates Sparks which set the sticks and grass on fire.He also uses bark from birch treesBrian uses his hatchet to start the fire

Does brian know how to make fire In The Book Hatchet?

Yes. He collected twigs and hit the back of his hatchet at a wall to create sparks.

In the book hatchet what was the key to the fire?

in the book hatchet the key to the fire was the porcupine's attack and the dream Brian had.

How does Brian use his hatchet?

Brian makes fire, makes tools, makes a raft, and guts animals with his hatchet.

How did Brian finally make fire?

brian made fire by making a nest out of birch bark, striking his hatchet on the cave walls,then he blew on the sparks to get it going.

Did Brian Robeson in Hatchet have a watch?

Yes he did but it didnt have any crystals to use to make a fire.

What did Brian use hatchet for?

Brian uses his hatchet for:protectionfirespearhole in the planeraftgutting food

How did Brian finally make a fire in Hatchet?

Brian realizes that he needs to blow on the fire. He uses the hatchet to create sparks and they land on the birch bark. He blows the bark, but his breath is too hard and blows it out. He tries again and the sparks grew into a small fire.

In the book 'Hatchet' does brian know anything about making fire?


For the character Brian from hatchet does he use a watch cystal for his first fire?

No, Brian uses his hatchet to strike the flint walls of the cave he is sleeping in.

How does Brian keep mosquitoes away in the book hatchet?

Brian doesnt keep the mosquitoes away until he manages to make fire. The smoke from the fire is what keeps the mosquitoes from "attacking" him.

Why is the fire so important to Brian in hatchet?

he feel warm and because of fire there was no mosquitoes

Why was Brian not successful when he first tried to make a fire Hatchet Question?

The sticks were to cool and he wasn't doing it right

How does Brian cook the bird in hatchet?

Brian cooks the bird above the fire on a wooden fork

Explain what Brian means when he says that the loss of the hatchet means that he has nothing?

It is because the hatchet did a lot for him.The hatchet made fire and feed the fire, protect himself from other animals, and lots more! If he lost his hatchet, he will not be able to live anymore.Good luck Brian, hope you survive!

What hungry friend did Brian make in hatchet?

It was the fire, because the fire would be burning up everything brian would be giving it therefore it would be eating for the fire, and Brian would be recieveing food if he were to cook anything on the fire. Making "the hungry friend" the fire that he created.

Why did the author name his book hatchet?

The book is called hatchet because the hatchet that brian has is everything. it made arrows for fish and sharped his spear. also it is needed to make fire and he uses it to scrape metal off the plane.

Need answer by tomorrow In the book hatchet what essential items did Brian use to survive?

how does brain in the book hatchet think about the fire.

What two ways Brian tries to make fire in the book hatchet but doesn't succeed?

Brian didn't have matches or any thing to build a fire. He can't find any matches!! Chapters 1 & 2

What kind of hut does Brian make in Hatchet?

a lean-to

In hatchet how did Brian make his bow and arrow?