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Lewis and Joy Gresham entered into a civil marriage in April of 1956 so that Joy could stay in England (she would have a British husband) but they lived apart. In March 1957 they were married by a clergyman at Joy's bedside in the hospital and this, in their minds, the start of their real marriage. Joy died from cancer in July of 1960.

The movie "Shadowlands" with Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger tells the story of their love and marriage in a very appealing visual format.

You can also learn more details at my podcast on their marriage at the link below.

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C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham met through correspondence when Gresham wrote to Lewis as a fan of his work. Their friendship quickly developed and eventually led to a romantic relationship and marriage.

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Q: How did C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham meet?
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Who did cs Lewis marry in 1956?

C.S. Lewis married Joy Davidman in 1956. Joy Davidman was an American writer and poet who became close friends with Lewis before their romantic relationship developed.

Did cs Lewis have a wife?

Yes, C.S. Lewis was married to Joy Davidman. They got married in 1956, but unfortunately, Joy passed away from cancer in 1960.

Who did C.S. Lewis marry?

CS Lewis married to Joy Davidman in 1956

Is C.S. Lewis married?

Yes, CS Lewis married to Joy Davidman in 1956

Did CS Lewis have children?

CS Lewis had no children of his own. He was a bachelor up until the age of 58, and after he married Joy Davidman, he gained two stepsons. Joy died of cancer four years after they were married, so CS Lewis then looked after Joy's two sons.

What is relation between Daniel day Lewis and C.S. Lewis?

there is a misunderstanding doing the rounds that CS Lewis is Daniel Day Lewis father. Incorrect. CS Leiws had no natural children. His step son is Douglas Gresham. Daniel Day Lewis father is Cecil Day-Lewis also a British author

Who is C.S. Lewis bride?

C.S. Lewis, one of the most confirmed bachelors in England, married Joy Davidman Gresham in a civil ceremony in 1956, purely as an act of charity -- he had no passion or romantic feelings for her at all. Only after she was diagnosed with incurable bone cancer did he realize the depth of his feelings for her, and they arranged for a Anglican marriage ceremony -- not easy to do, since Joy was divorced. When she died in 1960, Lewis was devastated.The television play Shadowlands, later a film, deals with their relationship and is somewhat faithful to the facts.Lewis had met Mrs Gresham in 1952 and immediately enjoyed her intellectual company. Some have speculated that his 1955 autobiography Surprised by Joy was a bit of a pun, but C.S. gave no indication that this was the case.

Why did C.S. Lewis get married twice?

C.S. Lewis married twice because his first wife, Joy Davidman, passed away from cancer in 1960. He later married Joy's friend, Joy Gresham, in 1956, primarily for practical and legal reasons in order to ensure that she and her children could stay in the United Kingdom.

Was cs Lewis married?

Yes, C.S. Lewis was married to Joy Davidman in 1956. They had a civil ceremony due to her divorce not being finalized, and then they were later married in a church once her divorce was complete. Their marriage was cut short by her death from cancer in 1960.

How old was C.S. Lewis when he got married?

C S Lewis was married twice to the same woman, Joy Davidman. The first marriage was a marriage of convenience only so that Joy (an American) could stay in England because she had a British husband. He married her in a church marriage at her bedside at the hospital on March 21, 1957 (she had cancer).

Did CS Lewis have a beard?

No, CS Lewis was clean shaven.

What is CS Lewis' favorite color?

CS Lewis' favourite color was of course...... GREEN! who doesn't like the color green?!