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How did Canada prepare for World War 1?

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By doing weeks and weeks of training in the military

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Did canada fight in World War 1?

yes Canada fought in world war 1 because Canada was a British colony, and when British was at the war, Canada found itself at the war automatically

World War 1 and Canada?

Canada was not much involved with world war one but Canada served in world war 1 to help the UK Because they where very close countries

Which country was Canada in war with in world war 1?

canada was at war with a lot of countries

How did people prepare for World War 1?

They didn't.

On what date did Canada join World War I?

1914 canda joined the world war 1

Why was World War I called the world war?

They called world war 1 world war 1 because the whole world decided to prepare war and the Germans wanted to take over loads of country's

Did Canada benefit from world war 1?


Why was Canada a part of World War 1?

Canada was a part of World War I because of its close ties to the United Kingdom.

How was Canada involved in World War I?

Canada became involved in world war 1 because Canada was one of the British empire's colony and were allies with them.

What did the US have to do to prepare for the world war 1?

They gave out liberty bonds

What steps did the US take to prepare for war world 1?

a diet

How did the government coordinate in order to prepare for World War 1?


When did Canada get invaded?

Canada was not invaded in either World War 1 or 2.

How much did Canada spend in World War 1?

Canada spent $1,665,576,000

When did Canada join in to world war 1?

in 1914

Did Canada have a draft in world war 1?


How did many nations prepare for world war 1?

All of the answers are correct

How the US prepare to fight in world war 1?

......well this is kinda hard

Did Canada go back into recession after World War 1?

Yes, Canada suffered through the Great Depression during the 1930s. This was after World War I but before World War II.

Did Canada win the Vimy Ridge War in World War 1?


Why did Canada enter World War 1 Explain?

AnswerCanada joined world war one because Canada was part of the British Empire back then, so they were forced to join.

What country did Canada fight after World War 1?

Canada fought against Germany

How much money did Canada spend in world war 1?

Canada spent $1,665,576,000

How did World War 1 help solidify Canada?

They gave Canadians weapons to win the World War I

What tax was introduced in Canada during the world war 1?

how did the government finance world war one

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