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He was out searching for a vampire when a monster came out of no where and it bit him. so Carlisle crawled into a potatoe storage and waited for the venom to spread............. this twihard says, "read the book; Edward explains everything in Twilight pages 331-341 if you want the whole story, 331-332 if you just want the transformation. look it up yourself next time."

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He already knew about vampires because he caught them. Once when he was out at night a vampire came out and bit him. He suffered for three days starving and he learned to control his thirst and drank animal blood.

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It was the something hundreds and carlile was with a group of "vampires" these times many were suspected of being vampires when in fact they were not, though as it turns out these were real) and they had found them and the vampires had chased them. Though Carlile was fit as we know, Vampires are much faster and the vampire had bit him. How the vampire had stoped feasting on Carlile is still a mystery to me but then Carlile hid in a heap of garbage while burning as the venom took over his body and he became a vampire.

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Carlyle's father was a Anglican pastor who hunted vampires. when his father became old Carlyle started to hunt vampires. one night while hunting vampires he was attack and left to die.

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Q: How did Carlyle Cullen become a vampire?
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