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Chinese introduced rice to Japanese culture.

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Japanese culture completely inherited the culture of the prosperous Tang Dynasty in China.

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Q: How did Chinese culture affect Japanese culture?
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Is momoko Japanese or Chinese?

Momoko is a Japanese name. It is not common in Chinese culture.

How has Chinese culture affected Japanese culture?

The Chinese Empire covered part of Japan long ago. The Japanese had to pay tribute to the Chinese Emperors for many centuries. Naturally they affected the Japanese culture. The Japanese Language even has Chinese Characters (known as Kanji) in it.

What affect did yuan dynasty have on Chinese culture?

Mongol rulers suppressed Chinese culture

What affect the yuan dynasty have on the Chinese culture?

Mongol rulers suppressed Chinese culture

What affect did the Yuan dynasty have on Chinese culture?

Mongol rulers suppressed Chinese culture

Which culture influenced Korea morechinese culture or Japanese culture?

Chinese culture influenced Korea considerably more than Japanese culture, considering historical influence overall.

What Similarites of Japanese and Chinese culture?

Young bloods bruv

What did Japanese reject in Chinese culture?

guessing ure from clements

Why did Chinese culture become so popular and accepted in Japan?

The Japanese accepted the Chinese culture because of it was older and more sophisticated than the Japanese culture. They adopted parts of the Chinese language, religion, government, arts and architecture and even the kimono, which is a Chinese inspiration during the Han period.

What phobia is the fear of Chinese culture?

It is called Sinophobia and it is when you show constant hostility against Asians.The upper answer is not correct exactly. Sinophobia is a fear of Chinese people, not all Asians.

Why is Chinese culture so similar to Japanese and Korean culture?

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures share similarities due to historical interactions such as trade, migration, and the spread of religious beliefs and philosophies. These influences have contributed to the exchange of customs, languages, art, and technology, creating cultural overlaps in the region. Additionally, the shared influence of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism has further connected the three cultures over time.

What phobia is the fear of asians?

The terms used are more specific to these cultures:Sinophobia is the fear of Chinese or Chinese cultureJapanophobia is the fear of Japanese or Japanese culture