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In terms of Christianity. Easter

started because Jesus came back to life on that day after dying on the cross two days before.

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Q: How did Easter start?
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When did Easter start?

Easter starts when Jesus die for our sin

When and how did Easter start?

Easter started after Jesus came back from the dead

Who first started celebrating Easter?

the first person to start Easter was MEEEEE!!!!!

When did Easter eggs start?


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How many days are there till Easter?

There are 40 days till Easter from the start of lent.

When does the Easter season start?

Catholic AnswerEaster Season starts on Easter Day and runs for fifty days until Pentecost Sunday.

Is Easter the beginning of spring?

No. Easter is a Christian festival that happens to be at the start of spring (in the northern hemisphere)

Candy that start with a e?

Easter Eggs Easter Candy

What is triduum?

it means the start of the Easter beginning

When does the Easter holidays 2012 start?

about April

Who was the first to start Easter?

Christians, as they celebrated Easter as the celebration of the risen King-Jesus Christ resurrected.

When do we celebrate Easter in Lebanon?

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the start of spring

What time does Easter start?

It starts from Midnight Sunday.

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What day does pentecost start?

50th day after Easter.

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How many days after Easter does pentecost start?

50 days Pentacost is 50 days after Easter -- hence the name.

What are the ways in which Christians celebrate Easter?

Christians attend an Easter service the eve of Easter where they repent their sins and prepare for a fresh start as if they are going to be reborn like Jesus.

When does Easter start and end?

Easter starts on Easter and ends fifty days later. It ends on Pentecost on June 12. Most Christians celebrate Easter for all fifty days between Easter and Pentecost after fasting and praying for the forty days of lent.

On Animal Crossing City Folk when does Easter season start?

In 2009, there is a Bunny Day on the 12th of April, the Animal Crossing: City Folk version of Easter. There isn't an Easter season, though- just an Easter day. The season Easter is in is Spring, though.

When does the new series of Docter who start?

Around Easter time

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What century did painting Easter eggs start?

13th Century

When does Easter vigil take place?

the night before Easter. It can start at different times, but usually begins around 10 and ends around midnight on Easter day. It is a beautiful mass.