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How did Elvis Presley like being famous?


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Elvis always respected, appreciated, and took time for his fans. Elvis understood that his fame demanded that he alter his life (i.e. he couldn't go out to dinner, he couldn't be in public without bodyguards, etc.).

Elvis was thankful for his success and yet, privately and publicly, asked God..."why me"? Why was I blessed with all this fame? It was a question Elvis sought answers for up until the day he died.

Elvis loved to give and his fame, and success, allowed him to give to those in need. Elvis gave to various people/charities/etc., without fail, every year of his life from 1955 until 1977. Most of Elvis' giving was done with the understanding that it was to remain between him and those he helped. Thus, he gave from the greatest part that anyone possibly can...from his heart.

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