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Eric Clapton tells this tragic story in his book, "Clapton".
He was at his apartment in NY, and as he was getting ready to walk over to Lori's apartment to pick she and Conor up for a trip to the Zoo and out to eat, his phone rang around 11AM. It was Lori and she was hysterical. She told him that Conor was dead. Eric at first was in complete shock and disbelief, even asking her, "Are you sure?!" She then told him that Conor had fallen out of the window, 53 stories up, plunging to his death.
When Eric arrived, this is what he said, and I quote:

"By talking to the police and the doctors, I established what had happened without even having to go into the room. The main sitting room had windows along one side that went from floor to ceiling, and they could be tilted open for cleaning. There were no window guards, however, since the building was a condominium and escaped the normal building regulations. On this morning the JANITOR was cleaning the windows and had temporarily left them open. Conor was racing about the apartment playing a game of hide-and-seek with his nanny, and while Lori was distracted by the janitor's warning her about the danger, he simply ran into the room and straight out the window. He then fell 49 floors before landing on the roof of an adjacent four-story building." -Clapton

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