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Before around the late 1500's (i think) there had been no western influence, any forigners caught in Japan at this time was likely to have his head chopped off on the spot. Commadore Perry (American i think) and his fleet of ships arrived, the Japanese realised that the travellers had far superior technology and this first meetings sparked perhaps the biggest changes in Japanese history. With technology came big changes to the country, merchants (who had previously been the lowest class) became very wealthy and powerful, as they were able to trade alot more. The leaders at the time the Shogun was forced out of power allowing the emperor to retake his rule. All remaining Samurai were wiped out by the new conscript army, armed with portaguese rifles. And so the old feudal system of shogun and samurai was destroyed, it became illegal to wear swords and even theh samurai hair style (which was a symbol of great honour) was banned.

if u wanna vauge idea of what happened u should watch 'the last samuria' its not really accurate but it shows quite well the changes going on at the time.

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Q: How did Europeans influence Japan?
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