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How did France become a country?

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France became a country after the French War between the French and the

Napollian War, but the French won so now the French people have their own


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When did France become a developed country?

France became a developed country in 1497

Which is older England or France?

France is older (843 CE vs 1066 CE) if we refer to the questions "When did England become a country?" and "When did France become a country?".

Did the french revolution cause France to become a country?

No, France had been an independent country for a very long time. It caused France to become a republic instead of an monarchy.

How did Chad become a country?

From gaining Independence from France.

How did Thailand become a country?

it ate dounts from france

When did France become independent?

France is independent since its start. It never was a colony of another country.

What country did Nebraska belong to before it become a part of the US?


Who was the first country to become allies with America after the American revolution?


When did French Guiana become a country?

French Guiana is a French departement, then part of France. This is not an independent country.

How did the name france come about?

Under the reign of the Franks' KingsClovis I,the country was known asKingdom of FranksorFrancialater to become France

When did France become a capital city?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean but: The capital city of France is Paris, as France is a country. I hope this helps :)

What year did Niger become a country?

1960 Niger gained independence from France

What country did the Roman province of Gaul become?

Gaul is now known as France.

Which European country was the first to successfully settle parts of what would become Canada?


France is in what country?

France IS a country.

What country is france in?

France IS a country.

Why did france give the statue of liberty to new york?

It was a symbol of friendship because america helped France become an idependant country after ww1

Is France a state or a country?

France is a country.

Is France a country or province?


France is a country or city?

France is a country

Is France a capital?

No, France is a country. The capital of France is Paris.

When and from what country did Cameroon become independent?

cameroon became independent in January 1960 from England and France

Is Nice in France a country?

no because France is a country and nice is in that country

Why is the Eiffel tower a national symbol for France?

Because it is perhaps the most visited monument in all of France and has become a world-wide symbol for the country.

Is Paris France a country?

France is a country, Paris is the capital city of France.